Winter OOTD: A Festive Christmas Affair

Winter OOTD: A Festive Christmas Affair

Joyeux Noël, mes chéries! I could have sworn #12DaysOfBlogmas was just a few days ago, yet here we are over a week later on actual Christmas Day ! 🎅🏻🎄🎁 Since 2017 was one of my most dramatic and eventful (both in good ways) years, I decided there is no better way to celebrate the holidays than being as extra as the year was – in red.

We all know that red is my favorite color and a Christmas color. So when power red became a huge trend for fall/winter of 2017-2018, I knew I had to take advantage of it as much as possible.

The inspiration behind this winter and Christmas OOTD stems from the Fendi Fall/Winter 2017 collection. I’ve always loved the pairing of red and fur and was ecstatic to see it populating the runway so much for this winter season’s lines. To embrace my favorite trends, I found this perfect and fun red Zara faux suede jumpsuit ($49).

I love the wrap-around style as it makes it easier for me to slip in and out of the jumpsuit. There is a zipper on the inside side that helps hold the piece safely onto you before wrapping around the torso. It ties together with a set of silver semi-circle belt loops.

If you remember from my blogmas Winter Trends post, you’ll remember me discussing my opinions on fur vs faux fur as well as my rabbit fur scarf my grandmother gifted me. This is the one! I absolutely love how each strand is dyed a different hue, making it a statement accessory for any neutral outfit, or monochromatic piece. Since it is real fur, it truly keeps me warm in a way that my faux fur or other scarves do not. Plus, it’s so soft that I don’t feel itchy or uncomfortable like some of my wool or cashmere winter accessories make me feel.

By the way, please excuse the mess that is my hair. Let’s just say my umbrella broke as I was sprinting to the photoshoot in the rain… 😥 It’s a little less cute and whole lot more hot-mess than I would have liked.

To balance the colors in the central focus of the outfit, I layered the romper over my black Gilly Hicks lace bralette (currently on sale for $9.99) which in my opinion is one of the most comfortable yet supportive bralettes for ladies with small to medium sized chests. For shoes, I paired it with my Steve Madden Gorgeous boots at $99.99, which is a solid dupe for the Stuart Weitzman Highlands for a slight fraction of the price! These over-the-knee boots keep my legs warm while lengthening them to fool others into thinking I’m a lot taller than I am. 😉

As silly as it sounds, I loved that the peep of black through the romper matched both my shoes and the hair on the top of my head. It allowed for enough balance of colors and contrast with the jumpsuit and colorful scarf. Does anyone else also take their hair color into consideration when putting together an outfit?

I had a minor lapse of judgement before I left my house and thought the buckle of my jumpsuit was gold, so please excuse the gold accessories because they were 100% supposed to be silver. 😂 Anyways, I added a simple necklace with a blue triangle (that kept stupidly flipping over to the backside for half these photos 😑) to bring the small blue hues in the scarf out.

I also added a small stack of Alex And Ani bracelets just for fun (again, pretend they’re silver for me haha!), but you can totally skip this since the sleeves cover most of your wrist. If I had done this right, I would have just worn a simple silver watch instead. Lastly, I added in my silver Swarovski studs because at some point my color sense came back to me.

After a fun photoshoot with my friend Kate Yan (who also helped shoot my Autumn OOTD Cornucopia of Colors post) at the Oculus, I threw back on my Calvin Klein red peacoat, tossed my Michael Kors bag back onto my forearm and headed into the Oculus. We grabbed a coffee together before I went ahead to do little damage!

Did you know the Oculus also has a holiday market? Since many of the shops here are duplicates of ones in the other holiday markets I visited, I made my stop at the & Other Stories Atelier store and broke my no-buy. As much as the final total on my receipt pained me, I just told myself it was an “investment” for future Style posts here on Bouge & Rouge. 😎

That’s all for now, mes chéries! I hope you enjoyed this festive and extra Christmas outfit. A huge THANK YOU and shout out to Kate for helping me shoot this look and always offering to experimenting with different cameras with me!

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of holidays this year. Celebrate safely with your loved ones! Until next time, enjoy my fun blurry outtakes below of me goofing around!

Bisou, bisou…






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