I always have said, “Fashion fades, but style stays.” Everyone’s perception of fashion, beauty, and art are all different. That’s what makes someone’s signature style so special and unique! I believe that best way one can truly showcase his/her beauty and the story beneath his/her surface to the world is to embrace the art of expression.

Under Vogue, you can find:

Style: fashion

  • OOTDs: outfit of the days
  • Lookbooks: for each seasons
  • Wishlists & Shopping Guides
  • Learning Les Robes series: what dress to wear for different occasions (coming soon)
  • #WorkingWoman series: what to wear to work
  • Runway to Run Away series: trend reviews each December

Beauty: makeup, skincare, nails, hair

  • Rouge Reviews series: product reviews
  • Tutorial series: beauty tutorials

Art: music, theatre, photography, art

*Something special is on bottom of the sidebar of all STYLE posts! Check it out periodically to see a video of my inspiration of the season.*

Séjour beau, mes chéries!