Summer in the City: Summer Lookbook 2018

Summer in the City: Summer Lookbook 2018

Comment allez-vous, mes chéries? Summer is in full swing, and yours truly has nearly passed away a few times from the temperature and humidity. My days are currently spent speed walking as fast as I can from Point A to Point B without sweating profusely.

Despite the unbearable air, New York summers are still so special and unlike any other. Every year, thousands of people flood the streets for either a quick visit or a summer internship and fall in love with the city’s magic. I don’t know if it’s the characters of the neighborhoods, the people you come across, or the fact that it’s nearly impossible to run out of things to do or places to go. All I know is there’s an energy that flows through these streets that makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t find or achieve when you’re here.

I know I’ll never forget the summer that I fell in love with New York and never looked back. As a tribute to my one year in the city, this year’s summer lookbook is inspired by all my past New York summer memories combined with the new ones. You’ll notice it’s a lot less colorful than last year’s summer lookbook, but I guess that’s what happens when you become a New Yorker! 🤷🏻‍♀️

For Your Summer Afternoons in the Sun

Since summer days in the city are sometimes scorching hot, I go with the bare minimum when it comes to choosing an outfit for a day outing. This usually includes a pair of sneakers, a tank top, and shorts. If I’m feeling bold or didn’t binge eat an entire wheel of cheese the night before (so basically once the entire season), I sometimes swap the tank for a cute flirty crop top.

Whether it’s shopping, eating at a street fair, or exploring the city, this outfit has been my go-to this summer. I love how comfortable and absorbent the fabric of the tank top is and how light the shorts are despite being denim. I’m often late and dashing around like a mad woman, so I’ve grown to love wearing sneakers like my Nike Huaraches or Adidas Superstars (or sometimes my dirty beat up Kids) instead of sandals that don’t offer much support. Depending on where I’m headed, I sometimes toss on my matching red Polo Ralph Lauren baseball cap.

Top: Bershka
Shorts: American Eagle (with personalized label)
Shoes: Nike Huarache

For Your Rooftop Brunch with the Girls

Please excuse the fact that my bow decided to not cooperate and sit nicely on my hip 🙃… Anywhooo, a Saturday bottomless brunch on a rooftop with your best friends is a summer staple. There are a few essentials for brunching:

  1. a cute outfit
  2. many mimosas
  3. gossip

I can’t help you with #3 and only the waiter/waitress can refill your flutes, but I have your back when it comes to the outfit! For brunch, I always opt for something fitted but roomy enough for an oversized plate of food and three too many mimosas, like a romper.

There is one caveat: Going to the bathroom in a romper while tipsy is not always an easy task. After numerous failed attempts, I discovered that the key to a perfect brunch romper is one with baggier upper half. Whether it’s a wrap style like mine, strapless, or tank top, make sure it’s loose enough for you to swiftly wiggle out and back in so you won’t miss on the details of how Jessica hooked up with her ex-boyfriend again last night. 🙄 Oh Jessica. What are we going to do with that one, right?

Shoes: Christian Louboutin La Falaise

For Your Summer Fridays at Work

My favorite part of my job? SUMMER FRIDAYS 😎 (If my boss is reading this, I just want you to know that I’m totally kidding 😅)! I love cranking out as much work as I can during the week just so I can wrap things up after lunch on Fridays and head out for some sunshine and (if we’re being honest) a cold beer with friends or coworkers.

However, I have to get through four days before Friday. For me, Monday through Thursday is a constant battle between the outside temperature and the office thermostat. I never know whether to wear pants or a dress because the forecast for the temperature in our office is forever a gamble.

My new solution is a midi dress! Midi dresses won’t stick to my thunder thighs on my morning commute in the 80 degree weather at 9am and serve as a perfect barrier between my skin and the frigid air conditioning. Plus, it hides the fact that my tan resembles that of someone who is in an office for 40 hours a week.

Dress: Banana Republic
Scarf: gifted to me
Shoes: Cole Haan

For Your Dinner During Your Beach Vacation

Nothing screams summer vacation like a good Lilly print. One of my friends, Cheyenne, got me hooked on Lilly Pulitzer a few months ago. I used to shy away from crazy prints not because I didn’t love them, but because I didn’t want to blind everyone on the streets and attract unnecessary attention. But honestly, I’ve recently stopped caring and decided to live my best life while enjoying the beautiful bright patterns (to a degree of course).

When I think of dinner by the shore, I think of bright colors and white. As much as I love a bougie dining situation, sometimes it’s nice to grab a simple bite with good company in without the all that jazz of a fancy establishment with a dress code. So for this summer setting, I chose a pair of white jeggings and a loose Lilly tank that will cover my food baby once I devour my seafood pasta. Paired with gold strappy sandals, this outfit is the perfect balance of polished but still casual.

Personalized AE jean label

Top: Lilly Pulitzer
Jeans: American Eagle (with personalized label)
Shoes: Banana Republic

For Your Date Night with Someone Special

Love is in the air this summer, and it makes me want to vomit. Just kidding. Kind of. 😅

I joke a lot about being allergic to mushy-gushy emotions for someone who is a shameless ball of absolute mush. But you have to admit that this is the perfect time to fall in love. Whether it’s a summer fling or the start of something wonderful, there’s nothing more romantic than a summer romance.

One of my favorite ways to spend a summer evening is on a date night with someone who makes you smile and makes your heart palpitate. I usually opt for fun activities when it comes to getting to know someone. But when the dust settles, the shoe drops, and you still like them just as much, I enjoy doing something less interactive. Instead, I try to share an experience with the person, whether that’s going to shows, attending events together, or even making a night out of sitting at a speakeasy pretending to be bougie and educated on their bourbon menu.

As you can tell, I’m a fan of rompers despite their inconveniences. While the brunch romper was easy to wiggle out of, this one is easy to slip on and off since it has a zipper in the back, which I’m sure your drunk self and/or S.O. will highly appreciate at the end of the night 😏. I love how simple yet intricate this romper is. The little details and scalloped edges truly elevate the look (IMHO). However, it’s a relatively versatile item. For example, this romper paired with a pair of sandals would be great for a nice dinner. But, throw in wedges or heels and you are ready for a nighttime event!

Romper: Lilly Pulitzer
Shoes: Christian Louboutin La Falaise

For Your Night Out Dancing Under the Lights

Ironically, for some reason I went out much more often in the fall and winter than I did this summer. I’m not sure if it’s because the heat has drained my batteries significantly or because my body is always exhausted, but I need to channel my young twenty-something year old self and get back out there! I am not old enough to be tired of dancing under the night lights yet!

I add as much color as I can into my daytime wardrobe because regardless of season, my going out uniform remains all black err’thang. However, being in all black doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement! In this look, I’m wearing a sheer ruched top with massive ruffle sleeves, a skort, and a comfortable pair of simple black block heels. The heel height is perfect for dancing around; it’s just high enough to pass the dress code at clubs or venues but not high enough to be a royal pain the entire night.

Top: Necessary Clothing
Skort: Bershka
Shoes: Steve Madden


There you have it! These are my six picks for a summer in New York City. HUGE shoutout to my friend and fellow photographer, Michelle!

It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway done with the season, but I’m so excited for the plans I have for the latter half. On my calendar, there is Panorama music festival, moving to my new apartment, celebrating our one-year anniversary at work with my start class, my Labor Day trip to Miami, and many friends’ birthdays. There are a myriad of things in store for me, and I’m eager to  see what unfolds.

What are you plans, mes chéries? Let me know in the comments below what fun things you’ve been up to this summer! I hope they’ve been going well and hope you’ve accomplished something on your summer bucketlist!

Until next time, stay cool and hydrated mes chéries. Bisou bisou…





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