Stars & Signs Beauty Lookbook: Taurus

Stars & Signs Beauty Lookbook: Taurus

Taurus season is almost over, and in true Taurus spirit I took my slow ass time with releasing this one. I went through at least two looks before settling on this one, so I’m going to spare you the details and jump right into it. I know this look is similar in style and technique to previous ones, but I promise it is one of the last “tame” looks for a few seasons. Gemini and Leo will be something else…

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Symbol: The Bull
Quality: Fixed
Color(s): Green
Ruling Star: Venus
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

Taurus is the most dependable, genuine, and tenacious sign. They’re loyal and steady. Not only are they usually secure and mentally stable, they are great at laying down the foundation for things in life. They’re determined and diligent people who are full of integrity. Not only do they work hard, they don’t care about getting their hands dirty and tie all loose ends, meaning no task goes uncompleted. Tauruses also set very high standards for themselves which motivates them to push themselves hard but also causes them to evaluate themselves harshly if they don’t deliver at the standard they expected to. Tauruses are patient with others and love to spend time with friends and family. It takes a lot to anger them, but when you do be sure to stand far back. They are fiercely loyal and will help or defend their loved ones to no end.

Being an Earth sign, Tauruses enjoy nature or proximity to large outdoor spaces or somewhere closer to the country as opposed to the city. Tauruses love romance, music, good cooking, gardens, luxuries, and the outdoors. They enjoy the sensual pleasures in life, meaning anything physical or material brings them joy. This means they enjoy things like food and drink, entertainment (visual and audio), or the finer things in life (and lots of them #retailtherapy #excess) with their friends and social circle. Their inner circles are often small as they really only keep a few people close to their heart. Taurus is the sign that is likely to shop till they drop, making them easy to buy to please. However, being lovers of excess and indulgence means they can be possessive and unlike to share both objects and sometimes even people. Tauruses love a good slumber and will be highly irritated if you interrupt it. So uh…have fun trying to wake them up!

Although Tauruses are know for being stable and grounded, there is a major character flaw to them: they are very stubborn. They dislike change, rarely deviate from their routines, and are very good at sticking their ground. You can’t ever make a Taurus do something he/she doesn’t want to do. When changes are needed, it can be difficult to convince them to agree to new perspectives, making them a bit narrow minded. Even when they do finally agree with said changes, they need to progress at their own pace which is often irritating for coworkers or teammates. This also presents problems in friendships, relationships, and jobs. Tauruses will often stay in something that isn’t working out for longer than they should.  Another pro/con of Tauruses is they’re not the type to rush especially when it comes to big decisions like careers or love. They will take their time and act once they’ve thought about their choices carefully before choosing the right decision. This means they are usually right and thorough, but it will take them forever to get there.

When it comes to love, your Venus sign often rules first and foremost. So if your Sun and/or Venus are in Taurus, you’ll find that relationships need to be taken at a slower pace. Tauruses need time to build trust and create a safe environment around you for them to put their heart into it. But once they do, they love passionately and indulge in the romance fully to the point of slight “gooey-ness.” They’re very sensual lovers who value touch as a love language. They’re very careful with who they choose as partners, because they want the partner to be in the same social environment as them, respond to their intellectual needs, share life values, and be aligned with them in familial expectations. Tauruses are giving and show their love through either time spent with family and friends or doing something for them/giving them something and expecting nothing in return. Unfortunately, Tauruses often find themselves in a fling turned somewhat relationship that they only planned on entertaining for a bit (as they were evaluating the partner) but now are comfortable in and don’t know how to get out of.



Tauruses while grounded and realistic also love hedonism and lux. As a result, I chose a very nude eyeshadow look and added a color dimension and false lashes to make it just glamorous enough for the fellow Tauruses.

NOTE: The base for all of these looks is going to be the same as I’m mainly focusing on the eyes for this lookbook series. The only real change will be the blush or highlighter I use for certain signs. I’ll be skipping the base from now on and going straight to eyes. If you’re curious to see what my base routine is, check it out in my Capricorn post.

The Eyes

Always prime your lids to start. For me, that’s covering my eyelids with foundation. For others, that’s using actual eyeshadow primer. I used my Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette and Morphe James Charles (yikes) Palette for this look.


First, I put Silk Creme (third from the left in the top row) all over my lid. Then, I dusted Pooter under it in my crease. After blending the two in seamlessly, I accented the corner of my eye with Mocha, the rightmost shade on the second to last row. I didn’t make the shadows on my eyelid as clean cut because I don’t believe Tauruses have that kind of sharp edge to them the way other Earth signs (like Virgo) would.

On the lower lash line, I added the two greens at the bottom left corner of the Morphe James Charles (yikes) Palette. The lighter green Social Blade went on the inside corner of my eye and the darker green Daddy on the outer half of the lower lash line to give the look a Taurus touch.

I added falsies and Sephora Cream Lip Stain in #40 Pink Tea to top off the look.

About Astrology: The Moon Sign

For my own Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, I’m going to discuss the importance of these three and why people look at them to define or characterize a person. You all know from the previous post that Aries is my sun sign. Well, Taurus is actually my moon sign!

The moon sign is almost as important, if not more (in my humble opinion) than the sun or rising sign. The moon sign is who we are alone behind closed doors and when we deal with our emotions, which is why I argue that it defines you more than your sun does. I myself fully embody all the traits of a Taurus deep down more than those of the Aries sign. Anyone who knows me beyond the surface has seen my moon sign traits far more than the fiery independent and impulsive Aries side to me.

The moon sign is in a way your inner sanctum. Opposite to sun, it is hidden from view most of the time. Our moon sign reveals our instincts and emotional dispositions. It often describes our unconscious thoughts and feelings and helps define our emotional needs: what makes us feel safe, scared, nurtured, angry, etc. The moon sign also helps us understand how we deal with memories and the emotions connected to them. It keeps our hearts safe and enables us to protect our hearts as well as introspect and build emotional intelligence and maturity.

Make it a goal these next few weeks to get more in touch with your moon side. It is often what drives your gut instincts and tells you what you truly want or need. It is a primal part of us that is always there to define who we truly are to the core. It knows us more than we do sometimes and answers many of our questions. See what’s stirring deep down, and maybe you’ll find a little more about yourself.


I hope you enjoyed this installment of the zodiac lookbook. I can’t wait to show you the fun twin look I’m playing with right now for Gemini! Until next time, bisou bisou…








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