Stars & Signs Beauty Lookbook: Scorpio

Stars & Signs Beauty Lookbook: Scorpio

Oh Scorpio, the sign we all love to hate… And to top it off, this year’s Scorpio season included Mercury retrograde! So… How’s it going? Is everyone okay? The first half of retrograde royally fucked a lot of my friends and I over, but thankfully I think it’s all turning out for the better. I felt like the last three months were a weird time for me. I felt like I was having some odd out-of-body experiences that just didn’t feel like my “normal.” Thankfully, the moon moved to my sign (Taurus) at some point and everything clicked back in place.

As I settled back into my own skin, I finally pushed myself to start my podcast called et cetera… with Bouge & Rouge. While this blog is for curated content and YouTube for the fun candid moments, the podcast is where I share my midnight musings (that often cause me insomnia) and some of the really personal thoughts that I don’t put to post. My first three episodes are a little…deep…if you will. I ramble a little freely about some of the harder thoughts to process in my head. However, tomorrow’s episode is a change of pace featuring one of my best friends Rebekah! We’ll be talking about astrology and fashion. Be sure to follow the podcast on Spotify, Apple/Google Podcasts, TuneIn, and Stitcher! If you want to participate in polls for future episodes, follow my podcast Instagram. Episodes release every Tuesday by 5am!

Now back to astrology! For those of you familiar with astrology, you may know why Scorpio is such a controversial sign. To be honest, it’s probably one of my favorite signs in the zodiac. Despite not having it in my immediate chart much, it is a sign I highly (and I do mean highly) relate to (which you’ll learn why in the About Astrology section at the end). While I’ve dealt with some really frustrating Scorpios that definitely make me want to jump on the “Fuck Scorpios!” bandwagon, I think deep down they are just misunderstood by the rest of us. These people are highly complex, and only select people in the world can understand the beauty in their depths.

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Symbol: The Scorpion
Quality: Fixed
Color(s): Red
Ruling Star: Pluto
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Cancer, Taurus, Virgo (or nobody. jk.)

Scorpios and Aries (me) actually have a lot in common! Unlike most of the water signs who love being around people, Scorpios are one of the most independent signs of the zodiac. They work very well solo and love their alone time. Most Scorpios have this air of mystery or darkness around them, probably because they’re great at keeping secrets and have a high capacity for emotional depth and intensity. Scorpios are often mature quickly at a young age and grow up to become fierce (sometimes a little too forceful) adults. However, their ferocity allowed them to have a reputation of being bold and fearless, especially when it comes to challenging themselves to try new things or take a risk. Like Aries, they’re usually competitive but don’t always show it openly.

Even though they appear to be cold and unapproachable (sometimes even intimidating), Scorpios’ feelings are turbulent, intense, and swirling below the surface until they choose to release it. This allows them to feel empathy and crave control to grasp onto a sense of security. This passionate sign is often admired by others who look up to them for inspiration. Their courage and protective behavior for those who may not be able to stand up as strongly for themselves often leads them to leadership positions.

Since they’re private about themselves, Scorpios confuse people because they’re so determined to uncover the truth about the inner workings of other people’s minds. They can have paradoxical qualities: aloof but passionate, independent but extremely clingy, insanely private but exposes others. Scorpios, like most water signs, are highly intuitive and can decipher the essence behind things or people quickly. Because they can understand people well and how their minds work, they tend to give fantastic advice. On the flip side, Scorpios will use information about how others’ minds work to protect themselves and strategize their next moves. But because these emotions drive their actions and these emotions are always so intense, people mistake them for being angry all the time. In reality, they just are very focused and dedicated to whatever they put their energy into.

While being intense can be a positive, it is this trait that gives Scorpios their negative reputation. With an intense need for control and the truth, Scorpios can come off as overly direct, possessive, and even manipulative. They love their friends or loved ones so much that any time they suspect something bad is on the horizon they become very suspicious and go into protection mode. However, sometimes it’s their imagination running wild (which they don’t realize), and they’ll react to these “possible” situations by assuming the worst and lashing out at people due to the potential of them doing something bad, not because they actually did something bad. This self-destructive behavior makes them seem like they can’t control their emotions or be trusted.

Unfortunately, a suspicious or offended Scorpio often seeks vengeance. No Scorpio will ever forget a betrayal or insult from someone and have no problem retaliating no matter how big or small the injury was. Like other water signs, they’re fantastic at holding onto grudges for life and will react aggressively if they feel threatened or jealous of something/someone. This can cause a serious problem when it comes to friendships or romantic relationships.

Scorpios are the most passionate lovers of all the signs. They dive into physical and emotional depth and reveal the inner self to their counterparts. A relationship is about joining two souls together and intertwining them in a deeply spiritual way. Scorpios are often irresistible as they have a magnetism about them. Once you are able to gain their trust, they share with you their complex layers and hope you’ll protect their vulnerability along the way. They return that respect with an intense loyalty and devotion unlike any other. Scorpios are picky about who they surround themselves with, so if you’re a chosen one consider yourself very loved and lucky. Just don’t forget that if you betray them, they will never forget and have no problem bailing on you immediately. Cheat on a Scorpio and prepare to watch the world go up in flames. 

When it comes to family, Scorpios are great at figuring out family dynamics and strategically acting on what is best for people in situations. They’re quick to cut ties with blood if they know the family member crosses them in an unfavorable way. Unlike Cancer, Scorpios have a limit to how much family time they can spend before needed to retreat to their own spaces.

In their careers, Scorpios are best suited for independent roles over team roles. They can work with people without having to be on a team of people. They’re great in fields related to psychology, forensics, or investigation. Scorpios are hard workers but don’t always openly brag or show their successes which can make them seem unproductive to the eye at first glance.


For the dark Scorpio, I did not hesitate to hold back. This season, we are featuring a dark red lip and deep smokey eye.

NOTE: The base for all of these looks is going to be the same as I’m mainly focusing on the eyes for this lookbook series. The only real change will be the highlighter I use for certain signs. I’ll be skipping the base from now on and going straight to eyes. If you’re curious to see what my base routine is, check it out in my Capricorn post.

The Eyes

For the eyes, I stuck with a dark silvery and gray smoky eye. I used the right column of my Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette. I started with Dark Navy in the crease followed by Jet Black in the corner. Then, I topped the outer half of my eye out with Deep Fog and Licorice before adding Glacier to the inner half of the lid. I topped the look off with Deep Fog on the lower lash line and Snow in the inner corner.


Image result for lorac mega pro 3


After, I did my classic wing liner and mascara and topped the look off with a limited edition MAC Stylistics lipstick in the shade The Scene.


About Astrology: Lunar Nodes

While the birth chart is important, I personally think lunar nodes tell you a lot more about the person’s greater overall character. North/South nodes are dependent on your date and place of birth. Each sign falls under the node for a longer period of time unlike the short few weeks of zodiac signs. Your life purpose is supposed to be encoded in the north node and south node of the moon. They are mathematical points on the chart that fall in two opposing signs. The north node represents where our life paths take us towards and the lessons we came here to learn to evolve into the person we’re supposed to be. The south node reveals both the gifts and challenges we have to overcome, possibly brought from previous lives. If that is confusing, just think of it this way: North node is who we evolve into, South node is where we’re evolving from.

The North Node

Your north node sign tells you the life path that is calling your name. You’re meant to become someone like this sign. It’s how you can truly live your life to the fullest, but not easily. In order to reach your goal, you have to go through a lot of obstacles and lose a lot of baggage. It requires growing outside your comfort zone to fulfill your life mission and feel fully satisfied. The sooner you align yourself with this path, the more purpose-driven your life will feel.

The South Node

On the flip side, the south node sign reveals what your comfort zone or sweet spot is. It tells you what you’re probably innately good at. However, it only brings a sense of satisfaction that is not likely to elevate you into a higher level of happiness. There often is a “been there, done that” kind of sentiment about things related to your south node. You do often return to this little comfort hole throughout life, but out of familiarity not because it provides something spiritually fulfilling. It’s like a hometown where you can retreat to if you need to feel a sense of belonging. You should use your south node as a “springboard” to reach your destiny which is where you want to live and explore as opposed to staying in your “hometown.” This is probably a sign you’re similar to deep down.

My Lunar Node Analysis

I am a Scorpio North/Taurus South. These two signs rule money, power, and sexuality meaning my destiny involves balancing spiritual and material. If I channel these two forces in a balanced way, I might find myself challenged with the extremes of practical and mystical, sensible and spiritual. My path is to embrace what could be instead of fixating on what is currently. According to the nodes, I have spent past lives enjoying the material world of fine taste, luxury, and art. I’ve indulged in hedonism before and need to find a way to be more in touch with my spirituality this lifetime. My Scorpio north node forces me to learn about life beyond the senses or daily notions. I need to learn to make material work for me instead of working for material. How can I make my money work for me goals instead of just working to get more money?

In this lifetime, I need to release my attachment to luxury and overindulgence. I need to not be too practical and hiding in my comforts but maybe a little riskier with endeavors. I have to work smarter instead of just working harder and allow myself to be taken care of instead of providing for others at my own expense. I’ll also need to embrace spirituality, connect to the world on a higher level, allow others to help me out especially financially, and create more mystery around myself instead of always just laying it on the table for everyone to see. I also need to be more in tune with my energy in my sacral chakra and learn how to properly release it. This could be taming my sexual side or just becoming more comfortable with my creative ventures.

I firmly believe the reason I relate to my nodes so much is because my sun sign is in the house ruled by my north node sign and my moon sign is my south node sign. Since my sun sign was born in the 8th house of the sky (where Scorpio rules), I already identify myself through stereotypical ways a Scorpio would like secrecy, taboo, birth/sex, transformation, mystery, sexuality, and uncovering the dark truth. In fact, there are moments that I feel more like a Scorpio than an Aries. Knowing that my north node is also Scorpio has confirmed why I find connecting with my inner self to find peace and letting my spirit run free has made me the happiest. Ironically enough, my south node is my moon sign, the sign I probably relate to the most out of my sun/moon/rising. I do often find myself resorting to retail therapy or overindulgence of luxury and material to feel safe. Whenever I need to feel grounded again, I return to my art like blogging, taking a dance class, or doing something new like my podcast.

And just like that, there is only one more lookbook left! I don’t know why 2019 feels like an extension of 2018, but either way it has flown by so quickly. It wasn’t the best creative year for me, but I’m excited to start blogging, recording more, and filming more. Don’t forget to follow my podcast Instagram @etc_podcast for updates and to participate in polls for future podcasts!

Until next time, bisou bisou…






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Lunar Node References

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