Stars & Signs Beauty Lookbook: Sagittarius

Stars & Signs Beauty Lookbook: Sagittarius

Umm…what do you mean the decade ends in 11 days?! I’m having trouble grappling with that fact, seeing that the last decade was one of tremendous growth for me. This next decade holds a whole new life that I’m both excited and terrified to experience. The past 10 years has just been about growing up and passing tests and balancing hobbies and work. This next 10 is about developing myself, possible commitment, and elevating my standard of life. I’m going to do a yearly round-up post over my “holiday break” at home, so stay tuned for further discussion there and on the last podcast episode of 2019.

With all that in mind, it is perfect that we are ending the Stars & Signs series on the wanderlust sign Sagittarius!

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Symbol: The Archer
Quality: Mutable
Color(s): Blue
Ruling Star: Jupiter
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, Aries

Sagittariuses are the wanderers of life. They’re the last people to be stuck in a routine and crave constant change and adventure. They’re curious beings and like to experience and indulge in all the world has to offer. Most are social people with large groups of friends they accumulate over the years and through travels. Their friends are all quite diverse with different lifestyles, opinions, backgrounds, and stories to share.

Sags are known for being impatient people who are easily bored. They don’t tolerate stagnation or people who don’t break out of their comfort zone. This is because they find harmony in new experiences. They have an urge to seek the “why” behind everything with their unquenchable thirst for knowledge. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Sags are some of the smartest people you may know. Since they’re also outgoing by nature, they love to share their knowledge and teach others new skills. They’re great listeners and storytellers.

Since they bravely dive into every adventure, you can say Sagittariuses are optimistic people excited for exploration. This adds a childlike innocence to some of them. They’re also very straightforward and honest with what they’re thinking, making it easy to know exactly what is on their mind. However, sometimes they do need to be more careful with what they say. Despite that, their carefree innocence actually works in their favor, because their openness to new things allows them to float through life without caring too much. This definitely has pros and cons, but for the most part it almost helps put them in the right place all the time and builds their creativity.

On the flip side, many of Sagittariuses’ great treats can take a turn in situations. It can be difficult to keep them in one place for a period of time due to their natural acceleration to boredom, but that may not be beneficial in the workplace or for their families. One cannot always be moving around, and sometimes they need to learn how to stay put and stable for a little bit. They also change their minds quickly, especially when they are introduced to a new perspective that allowed them to see things differently. Their optimism doesn’t allow them to see consequences, sometimes putting them in states of denial or not allowing them to see reality. As a fire sign, Sags naturally have many ambitious ideas but don’t always follow through due to being distracted by other projects, desires, or new great ideas. However, like the other fire signs this doesn’t mean they’re not capable of seeing a project through. It just means they need to figure out how to stay motivated when goals are long-term.

When it comes to relationships, Sags need to stay interested through constant adventure and stimulation from their partner. Commitment is 100% natural for them since their freedom and is their priority. They need a partner who gives them space, the thrill of the chase, and spontaneity to keep things fresh. As a result, they always return the favor and give partners freedom to grow, explore, and develop as individuals without needing to be joint at the hip. Sags in partnerships tend to talk a lot but avoid talking about the past, future, or feelings. They love to live in the moment with the partner and understand that depths of the emotions in the moment don’t always equate to long-term commitment. As for friends and family, Sags usually always return to their roots no matter where their adventures take them. It’s not uncommon for them to have a global family either. They tend to have circles and extended circles of friends and love to share deep conversations and memories with them. They don’t need to keep constant communication to stay friends.

When it comes to career, Sags need a role with room to explore and wander. Many will find themselves in freelance roles or jobs that allow them to travel and meet new people. Many of them make great leaders because their breadth of knowledge and experiences gives them perspective. However, their scattered energy may need a more responsible and grounded people like an earth sign on their team to keep them from getting distracted or unmotivated. 



For the wanderlust Sagittarius, I am featuring a blue-purple look that is a lot more effortless than appears (in true Sag form).

NOTE: The base for all of these looks is going to be the same as I’m mainly focusing on the eyes for this lookbook series. The only real change will be the highlighter I use for certain signs. I’ll be skipping the base from now on and going straight to eyes. If you’re curious to see what my base routine is, check it out in my Capricorn post.

The Eyes

For this look, I used two eyeshadow palettes: Tartelette in Bloom and Natasha Denona 5 Palette 07. I dusted the crease of my eyes with Jetsetter and the lid with Flower Child from the Tarte palette. Next, I placed the shade Petroleum Blue (second from the right) over the lower part of my eyelid above the lash line and lower lash line. then, I added Quick Silver (leftmost shade) into the outer corner of my lid before topping the center with Alexandrite from the Kathleen Lights x Colourpop So Jaded palette (third from left in the bottom row). Lastly, I added my signature winged liner and mascara.

For lips, I used Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Commando.

The point of this look is to make it look a little adventurous and refined at minimum effort. I basically da


About Astrology: Saturn Return & Eclipses

For the last astrology lesson, let’s first talk about Saturn return, or what is more commonly known as the quarter-life crisis. Saturn return is an astrological event where Saturn returns exactly to the place it was when you were born about 29 years after. Most people will know this as the period of change and difficult growth in your late 20s leading up to 30. It often throws people off guard because they believe their supposed to already be somewhat settled and in touch with who they are/what they want after an exploratory phase of their late teens to mid twenties. However, they find themselves at age 28 or 29 questioning everything and the life you want. These returns usually mark the beginning and end of major chapters of people’s lives for about 2.5 years, and most people go through 3 in their lifetime.

Since Saturn is the planet of meaning, structure, and limitations in life, it’s natural that during this time people ask themselves questions they may have never considered before, pushing them to get to know themselves from a new perspective. Saturn’s intense energy at this time can help you grapple with your feelings of doubt or exhaustion and push you to a new cycle of life. Usually, this is the time in your life to make a commitment to the way you want to live, the work you wish to do, and who you want to be. For anyone dating someone in the age range of 27-30, you will definitely see this reflect in their behavior or thoughts.

Now let’s dive into eclipses. While everyone’s whining about Mercury retrograde, it’s actually eclipses that have a more serious affect on people’s lives. They are the wildcards in astrology because they uproot you and force us to change abruptly over a course of a few months. They bring new things into your life (marriage, children, career promotion, monumental life events) and shed light on the realities in your life. All true colors show.

Each year there are about 4 eclipses unless it’s 2011 where there were 7 eclipses (it was not a fun year). They always arrive in pairs coinciding with new moon and full moons as solar and lunar eclipses respectively. They are in pairs of signs opposite to each other (6 months apart) on the horoscope wheel. For example, a new moon lunar eclipse in Pisces will be followed by a solar eclipse in Virgo that year.

Solar eclipses usually mark new beginnings that are exciting and positive. Lunar eclipses are more emotional and mark the final end of something including removing people from your life. Sometimes, eclipses will even bring random events you never expected. You will feel the eclipse the most if the planets in your natal chart correspond to the mathematical degree of the eclipse. Not everyone feels the eclipse in the opposite-pair signs but more in their sun/moon/rising signs. Years with eclipses in your sun or rising sign are often going to be the most pivotal. For me (Aries sun), 2016 was a landmark year for me (culminating to a 2016 tattoo on my wrist now) which makes sense since there was an eclipse in Aries that year. Usually when we make it past an eclipse, we will never go back to where we were before. The purpose of eclipses is to make sure we continue to progress, so you’ll notice that it’s very hard to revert once you pass an eclipse in your sign.

I can’t believe the series is coming to an end! I feel like Capricorn wasn’t long ago. This year has been a little quieter on the blog with my attention all over the place in my personal life and other creatives. With 2020 coming and this series closing, expect more lifestyle and fashion posts along with videos (and the podcast of course). I’m so thankful for you all consistently keeping up with me even when I’m terrible with uploading. Life’s been a rollercoaster, but I feel a lot more hopeful and creatively inspired heading into 2020. I can confidently say, expect more to come.
I hope you enjoyed learning about astrology and playing with makeup with me! See you soon on my (very belated) Morocco post and yearly roundup!
Until next time, bisou bisou…


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