Stars & Signs Beauty Lookbook: Aries

Stars & Signs Beauty Lookbook: Aries

HAPPY ARIES SEASON EVERYONE WOOO!!! I don’t know about you but this season has been living up to its glory: impulsive, energetic, positive, slightly unpredictable but quite fascinating. I’ve been trigger happy except my gun has been actions for myself, as Aries season is all about embracing your confidence. My marathon of a birthday week finally ended so now Bianca, my alter ego, can hibernate again.

Aries season is the best season (duh. jk) because it’s the first in the zodiac calendar, and it’s my birthday season. I tried out multiple looks before I settled for my original idea: something that represented the fire we have inside us.  So without further ado, let’s dive into the Aries chapter!

Aries: March 21 – April 19

Symbol: The Ram
Quality: Cardinal
Color(s): Red
Ruling Star: Mars
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Libra, Leo

Cheers to new beginnings! Aries season marks the start of a new zodiac year. Being the first in the zodiac, Aries are known for their confidence, high energy levels, courage, thirst for life, and thrill for risks, challenges, and adventures. They tend to be very ambitious people, thrive in competitive environments, and feel comfortable in leadership roles. It’s in their nature to be driven, curious, and fearless. People often describe them as a force of nature because they blow through life like beautiful (albeit sometimes terrifying) storm on a mission to accomplish every goal off their list as fast as possible and reach for the highest stars. Slowing down is never an option, and neither is being idle. Their positivity is magnetic and contagious, making others drawn to them and their zest for life. They’re incredibly powerful and independent by nature, direct with their motives, and headstrong. Despite their fire, they’re actually innocent and occasionally naive due to their sincerity and genuine character. They don’t waste time on games; they’ll just shove aside (literally and metaphorically) any obstacle you throw at them to get where they want to go.

Aries have a strong sense of justice which causes them to be argumentative. No matter how great they are at looking at all perspectives and the big picture, a one-track mind kicks in during an argument. They’re there to be right and have the last word in regardless of whether or not they’re actually right (but they’re usually right…at least I usually am). If you ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you that I’m notorious for how I phrase my words to win any argument or come out on top AND right in any situation. As a cardinal sign, Aries have a fire in them that fuels their actions and motivates them to never stop persevering. They aren’t inclined to feel much self-pity and don’t usually suffer from low self-esteem as they know how to defend both others and themselves well.

Aries also love to win…probably more than Trump does. For them, all is fair in love and war regardless if you’re family or friend. They can be a team player and can be happy for you if they lose, but deep down they’re some of the sorest losers (whether they show it or not). They work hard to succeed and welcome challenges because it means life is never boring. Aries never does anything half-assed, so if you are spending time with someone with this zodiac sign then you will feel the intensity of their fire and passion. Their high energy levels allows them to work long shifts easily and stay alert and attentive to details. This makes them one of the most common signs to climb the ranks faster at work to become a leader.

However, I warn you to stay out of the way of an Aries on a mission to the top. Their aggressive and stubborn nature can spark intense arguments or fights and frustrate those close to them. Aries are hot-headed, quick-tempered, and impatient which makes them difficult to handle and often inconsistent. They don’t stand for boredom or waiting around; if they want it they will pursue it, and if you’re taking too long, they’ll bulldoze past you to get it because they have their eyes on the prize. Aries also have have a low tolerance for those who can’t keep up with them and will toss all diplomacy aside if you cross them. That is when you’ll see the blunt, arrogant, loud, domineering side of Aries. This trait does not always make them easy to work with especially when they’re disagreeing with someone in a leadership position.

But when it comes to relationships with people, Aries give the world to the people they love. They are loyal towards friends and family. Sometimes, the competitive nature and aggressive attitude can push others away, but they still know how to act warmly nonetheless. They don’t take the threat of their close relationships well, but luckily they also don’t hold grudges too tightly. They’re lush lovers who love to indulge in pleasure and passion without doing a few reality checks when it comes to relationships or fiery flings. When they’re dating around, they love the chase more than the actual relationship afterwards. When they fall in love, they don’t think twice about expressing it. 


Aries are the most fiery sign of the fire signs, so it was only right that I chose a flame-inspired look for this season. I added tints of red to smoke It out and create an intense glow around the eye.

NOTE: The base for all of these looks is going to be the same as I’m mainly focusing on the eyes for this lookbook series. The only real change will be the blush or highlighter I use for certain signs. I’ll be skipping the base from now on and going straight to eyes. If you’re curious to see what my base routine is, check it out in my Capricorn post.

The Eyes

Always prime your lids to start. For me, that’s covering my eyelids with foundation. For others, that’s using actual eyeshadow primer. I used my Naked Heat PaletteMorphe Jaclyn Hill Vault: Ring the Alarm Palette, and Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette for this look.

First, I put Chaser all over my lid followed by Sauced dusted messily in my entire crease down towards the majority of my eyelid. Next, I went over my crease with Low Blow and the outer half crease with Cayenne on a more tapered crease brush. I took a large fluffy blending brush and did my best to blend and smoke this out like the edges of a fire. I did the same thing with Low Blow and Cayenne on my lower lash line. After, I mixed He Devil  and En Fuego into the corners of my eye so that they would peep our from around my winged eyeliner.

Source: MakeupVie

Moving on to the Ring the Alarm Palette, I applied Rush all over the center of my lid and Mugshot on the third quarter of my outer lid between the corner of my eye and the center of the eyelid. I pushed the pigment of Framed over the darkest spot on the out corner of my eye. After, I added a tiny bit of Alert into the center of the crease fold in my eye to intensify the flame look. Then, I applied Boom over the middle 2/3 of my eyelid topped with Naked Heat Dirty Talk and topped in the very center by Scorched.

Source: Jaclyn Hill Youtube

To top off the look, I dusted a mix of color Firework (second row, second from right) and Queen (second row, far right) on the very center sliver of my lid and a mix of the far left to shades in the first row (EnlightBeam) in the inner corner of my eye.

I applied a thick straight wing liner, dramatic but natural looking lashes, and MAC lipstick in Taupe. I recommend a strong brow for this to balance out the strong emphasis on facial features with this look. You’ll notice my brows look slightly faded here. I actually had a pretty strong brow for this look in person, but for some reason the ring light really washed it out for photos and I completely forgot to fix more before shooting more photos, whoops!

And just like that, you have an effortless smoky yet detail oriented Aries eye look.

About Astrology: The Sun Sign

For my own Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, I’m going to discuss the importance of these three and why people look at them to define or characterize a person. Since Aries is my sun sign, let’s start with Sun.

The reason why we answer with our Sun sign when asked for our zodiac is because the Sun rules who we are. It indicates our style for self-expression, our habits, our typical behaviors, our identities. These are our authentic personality traits and help define how we shine in this world. Every sign comes with positive and negative traits, so embracing your Sun sign is embracing both sides of you. It’s understanding what you can’t change and what behaviors you’re inclined to do that you can change. For example, having restless energy is in the nature of an Aries. That is not something I can easily get rid of. However, I can change what I do with the restless energy that will either please or upset others. How you handle your Sun sign traits is what makes one Aries different from another yet the same in the core.

The goal in life is to truly reach a point where we’re aware of who we are and freaking love ourselves for who we are. So while the Moon sign and other parts of the chart explain everything beneath the surface, I would highly recommend understanding your Sun sign as thoroughly as possible as this is most real and visible identity you have. It’s one of the first steps to getting knowing who you are.

That’s all for now, mes chéries! I hope you enjoyed this look and are feeling the motivational and confident energy from this Aries season. I know I am… Until next time, bisou bisou…






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