Stars & Signs Beauty Lookbook: Aquarius

Stars & Signs Beauty Lookbook: Aquarius

Bonjour, mes chéries! How have you been? Has everyone stayed warm in the polar vortex? I have not, and somehow despite running around town in not the warmest clothing for 8 people’s birthdays these last 6 weeks, I magically did not get sick yet… Let’s hope it stays that way!

We are back with the next installment of my zodiac inspired lookbook. I apologize that these are coming out later into each season, but I promise that Pisces will be releasing much earlier. I’ve been all over the place with social obligations, and spread so thin on time that I had to halt and skip my winter lookbook altogether. But I’d never dare skip a sign so without further ado, let’s jump into Aquarius!



Symbol: The Water Bearer
Quality: Fixed
Color(s): Light blue, Silver
Ruling Star: Uranus
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aries, Gemini, Leo

I love my Aquarian friends dearly because they always spice up my life, for better or worse (but let’s be honest here, I thrive in drama so even if it’s worse I’m ok with it). The Aquarius character is a bit quirky and eccentric in nature which makes them a bit of an “outsider” even though they’re extremely friendly, generous, and sociable. They are highly energetic and love to entertain others. They are great listeners, humanitarians, empathetic friends, and some of the best adventure buddies because they’re curious and have a zest for life. No matter how much time has passed, they are spirited and loyal and always can revive a friendship or relationship with you easily as if no time has passed at all. At work, they’re the perfect bridge between opposite personalities on a team as they’re great at forging connections which in return strengthens a team. True to the qualities of an air sign, they live for a good intellectual conversation that stimulates the mind.

However, if you try to get to know an Aquarian more you’ll notice they’re actually quite guarded and keep a good emotional distance from most people, even their best friends and loved ones. You’ll also notice this trait causes them to be social butterflies: they have a bunch of groups of friends they drift around to instead of a few very close friends. Other critiques of Aquarians are that they tend to be a rebel without cause, are scatterbrained, irresponsible and impersonal, and emotionally detached. If you ever restrict or constrain them, especially when it comes to freedom of speech or equal treatment, be prepared for an uproar. Lastly, they love to raise eyebrows; the more you find their behavior weird, bizarre, or just plain peculiar and draw attention to it, the more they soak it up.

When working with Aquarians in the workforce, they tend to have a hard time disciplining others because they’re so friendly and empathize highly with everyone. They get bored easily and which causes them to be filled with nervous or anxious energy. Aquarians need a lot of time to themselves to recharge (something that I can relate to personally regardless of my own chart) which is ironic since they hate being lonely and love being around people. But because they’re such an energetic sign, being around others can often drain their battery levels. They can also easily get taken advantage of because they’re so empathetic and love helping others.



I played around with eccentric aquas, mystic blues, dark grays, and bright silvers in honor of Aquarius season.  Unlike Capricorn’s look, this might not be an ideal every day or work-friendly makeup look. I’d also be lying if I said it came out exactly how I envisioned it, but like the air the 5 colors I used managed to swirl and blend together into one blur… 🙄

NOTE: The base for all of these looks is going to be the same as I’m mainly focusing on the eyes for this lookbook series. The only real change will be the highlighter I use for certain signs. I’ll be skipping the base from now on and going straight to eyes. If you’re curious to see what my base routine is, check it out in my Capricorn post.

The Eyes

Always prime your lids to start. For me, that’s covering my eyelids with foundation. For others, that’s using actual eyeshadow primer. Because I used my Natasha Denona Green-Brown palette, the shadows have crushed chroma crystals that get a little messy so I made sure to use eyeshadow primer.

Since we’re playing the way of an Aquarius, I started with 86P Golden Aquamarine in my crease. I went back into the crease multiple times to ensure the color bold enough before I blended it lightly outwards so it would fade out softly and airily. You can’t quite tell in the photos thanks to the lighting, but the fade was a lot less harsh in person, I promise!

Next, I dusted 08V Tropic into the same space but just ever so slightly lower as to not completely mask the Golden Aquamarine color in my crease. I then blend it just enough so it naturally faded into the lighter color…might have even blended it too much now that I look at these photos. I then applied both these colors onto my lower lash line with Golden Aquamarine closer to the inner corner of my eye.

Afterwards, I wet my brush and pressed 17M Cloudy Blue into the outer 1/3 and inner 1/3 of my eyes. This framed the middle portion of my lid (which I eventually highlighted with 10M Aluminum). But before I did that, I repeated the same process with a round stippling brush and the color 18M Glam Green and 45M Industrial into the outermost corner right where the wing of my eyeliner would be. Lastly, I applied Aluminum onto the center of my lid and in the inner corner.

I winged my eyeliner a little further out than usual and applied a thick coat of mascara to both top and bottom lashes. To wrap up the look, I applied YSL 70 Le Nude lipstick, a neutral color that is essentially my lip color but better, so the attention can be kept on the eyes.

With that, the Aquarius look was completed!


About Astrology: Compatibility

Last time we talked about the basics of the birth chart. This time, let’s talk about the real reason people look up charts and signs: compatibility with somebody. Now there are a lot of reasons why you and someone may or may not get along. This person could be a colleague, friend, lover, or family member. Obviously, there are things that even the stars can’t help you answer. However, there are a few basics we can cover.

No Signs Apart (Conjunct)

This is basically what I would call “kindred spirits!” You and the other person probably share a lot in common if you have the same Sun sign. You’ll share similar energies, personality traits, likes/dislikes, and behaviors. You’ll feel familiar with them and understood, accepted, and validated. However, the downside is you might not be forced to learn through difference.

When it comes to love, if the Moon and Venus of you and your S.O. are in the same sign, you’ve hit the jackpot. This means that they understand your love language, how you process your emotions, how you need to be loved, and vice versa. It makes sense seeing that Moon governs your emotions and your true inner being and soul and Venus governs relationships with others and love.

One Sign Apart (Semi-Sextile)

ARIES Pisces, Taurus LIBRA Virgo, Scorpio
TAURUS Aries, Gemini SCORPIO Libra, Sagittarius
GEMINI Taurus, Cancer SAGITTARIUS Scorpio, Capricorn
CANCER Gemini, Leo CAPRICORN Sagittarius, Aquarius
LEO Cancer, Virgo AQUARIUS Capricorn, Pisces
VIRGO Leo, Libra PISCES Aquarius, Aries

This is when you and the other person are only one sign apart, so the sign before or after you. For example, I’m an Aries, so the signs one sign apart are Pisces (before me) and Taurus (after me). This is a hard combination but not impossible, as I don’t believe that any relationship between two people is impossible just because of star signs. You do have to dig a little deeper to find hidden commonalities because both the element (fire/water/earth/air) and qualities are not always going to be the same and have very different psychological ways of understanding the world. However, if both parties are willing to take a step back, it’s a fascinating combination. You can learn to appreciate differences and see a whole new perspective, possibly even forming a formidable team.

Two Signs Apart (Sextile)

ARIES Aquarius, Gemini LIBRA Leo, Sagittarius
TAURUS Pisces, Cancer SCORPIO Virgo, Capricorn
GEMINI Aries, Leo SAGITTARIUS Libra, Aquarius
CANCER Taurus, Virgo CAPRICORN Scorpio, Pisces
LEO Gemini, Libra AQUARIUS Sagittarius, Aries
VIRGO Cancer, Scorpio PISCES Capricorn, Taurus

This is the most enjoyable combination! When fire and air signs combine and earth and water signs combine, everyone’s happy because they’re paired with the best psychological matches and compatible elements. They feed into the best parts about each other and help soften each others hardest flaws. So, where my Aquarius and Gemini men at??? 👀

Three Signs Apart (Square)

ARIES Capricorn, Cancer LIBRA Cancer, Capricorn
TAURUS Aquarius, Leo SCORPIO Leo, Aquarius
GEMINI Pisces, Virgo SAGITTARIUS Virgo, Pisces
CANCER Aries, Libra CAPRICORN Libra, Aries
LEO Taurus, Scorpio AQUARIUS Scorpio, Taurus
VIRGO Gemini, Sagittarius PISCES Sagittarius, Gemini

This is tricky. You’re either going to be a dynamic duo or grind gears all day. The energy between these two people will either be magnetic and fascinating or absolutely way too tense and clash. It’s challenging because not only are elements and qualities completely not compatible, they’re also just completely different in personality. However, it’s not impossible. I’m an Aries and four of my close friends are Capricorns and my entire family (including my mom) are Cancers. I grinded gears with my mom growing up because, well, she’s my mother. But I have always had a dynamic duo partnership with the Caps and Crabs in my life. It’s all about how you accept and appreciate each other’s differences!

Four Signs Apart (Trine)

Four signs apart means you’re matching within your same element. Fire signs match up (Aries, Leo, Sag), Air signs match up (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), Earth signs match up (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and Water signs match up (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Since you’re in the same element, you feel a familiar vibe in each other’s company and operate on the same wavelength. However, if your birth charts have too many planets that are in the same element (aka four signs apart/trine), your relationship could lack the tension to propel you forward to change and grow.

Five Signs Apart (Quincunx/Inconjunct)

ARIES Scorpio, Virgo LIBRA Taurus, Pisces
TAURUS Sagittarius, Libra SCORPIO Aries, Gemini
GEMINI Capricorn, Scorpio SAGITTARIUS Taurus, Cancer
CANCER Aquarius, Sagittarius CAPRICORN Gemini, Leo
LEO Pisces, Capricorn AQUARIUS Cancer, Virgo
VIRGO Aries, Aquarius PISCES Leo, Libra

These signs have a hidden affinity with each other. They’re highly diffeerent and could possibly make it work if they actually find the common ground. For me these signs are Scorpio and Virgo. I have failed with both romantically but flourished with these signs in friendships. Two of my best girlfriends are a Scorpio and a Virgo! We are definitely different, but we have a fascination and love for each other’s ways of life that make us great friends that push each other to grow. These combos aren’t to be looked over lightly!

Six Signs Apart (Opposition)


Last but not least, the perfect tandem. They say opposites attract, and if this is true then where’s my Libra man at??? 👀 These signs represent the extreme ends in polarity but within the same spectrum of qualities. This means the partnership is actually beneficial to both parties’ development and personal growth. You balance each other out and when harmony is struck, it’s magical. Back to using me as an example, my opposite is Libra. Libra is an air sign and of mutable quality whereas I’m a fire sign (which is compatible to air) and of cardinal quality (which is the complete opposite of mutable). Libras are peacemakers who love harmony and would balance out my hotheadedness and recenter me from my impulsive actions or outlandish thoughts.


That’s all for now, mes chéries! I hope you enjoyed this second look and second lesson in astrology. I’m not going to lie, I wish that the blues were a little more clear and less blended out, but in true air sign fashion they’ve blended into a beautiful windy blur. I have a beautiful look planned out for Pisces that I cannot wait to try out, so stay warm and stay tuned!

Until next time, bisou bisou…





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