Make Sure Your Sh*t Don’t Stank!

Make Sure Your Sh*t Don’t Stank!

Mes chéries, by now you might know just how big of a Schitt’s Creek fan I am. I’ve rewatched it as background music or a source of comfort so much that I probably have all the lines memorized. For anyone who is as crazy of a fan as I am, you’ll remember that David has a thing against “sloppy mouths” which is why he doesn’t love sharing beverages. But honestly… who likes a sloppy mouth? 🌚

As someone who has always been very self-conscious of her mouth and not-so-straight teeth, dental/oral care and hygiene are highly important to me. I’ve always been insecure about the fact my smile will (likely) never be permanently straight given a few issues I had with my teeth. In order to feel confident, I always am hyper aware of my oral hygiene from keeping my mouth clean and teeth as naturally white as possible. You can look cute with a slightly crooked smile, but nobody wants to kiss someone with bad breath! 🤢

Now mes chéries, I know we’d all like to think that our breath smells delightful. The sad truth is all of us are prone to a slight stench. In fact, only 2% of people have enough naturally occurring bacteria in their mouths to fight odor, and about 25% of the population is plagued with sh*t that quite literally stinks. There are so many causes of bad breath besides what you just ate or drank that not all of us are educated on. Luckily, there is a solution to help! By taking dental probiotics, you will be able to allow healthy bacteria in the mouth and sinuses crowd out bad bacteria and improve your body’s ability to fight decay, disease, and infection.

Back in 2018, I worked with Smile Brilliant to give away a customized teeth whitening kit. This year, I’m working with Smile Brilliant to share a new oral care product with custom formulations created from scientific research and pure innovation: dental probiotics for adults and kids! Smile Brilliant’s dental probiotics are a chewable tablet containing concentrated amounts of healthy bacteria that can be taken once a day after brushing your teeth before bed. It supports both oral and sinus health. Just like regular probiotics help balance your digestive health, these dental probiotics contain good bacteria to reduce plaque, cavities, gum inflammation, and more. They also promote microbiome (bacterial composition) rejuvenation in the ear, nose, and throat to reduce the likelihood of infections.

Probiotics aren’t the only thing that can help your mouth be its best and healthiest self. Aside from dental probiotics, Smile Brilliant released a number of new products as well:

  • Water Flosser – floss teeth more effectively & comfortably using targeted water pressure
  • Custom Night Guard System – custom guard that protects teeth at night from grinding & clenching
  • Plaque Highlighters – for kids & adults, use temporary oral dye to show areas plaque is gathering so it can be removed by good brushing

Whether it’s balancing your oral bacteria or whitening your teeth and cleaning your gums, Smile Brilliant has your oral health covered. By trying their products, you truly won’t have to worry about ever having a sloppy (or unkissable) mouth again 😉. You can use my code BOUGEANDROUGE20 for 20% off your order.

That’s all for now, mes chéries! If you want to hear what I’ve been up to, I’ll meet you back on my podcast where my not-sloppy totally kissable mouth will be spilling some beans soon… 👀









Erica Huang
Erica Huang

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