How to Spend a Springtime Saturday in SoHo ft. Seek

How to Spend a Springtime Saturday in SoHo ft. Seek

Bonjour, mes chéries! Spring is in the air, meaning it’s time to get out of our blanket burritos and back into the streets – literally. When the weather is beautiful and in the mid 60s, I can’t help but want to explore the city.

As you all know, SoHo is probably my favorite neighborhood in the Manhattan. Not only does it have beautiful most picturesque streets, it is one of the most popular and influential neighborhoods in New York City, especially in regards to fashion and culture. With all of the different storefronts, restaurants, cafes, and landmarks to choose from, it can be hard knowing where you should go outside of the typical spots. Lucky for you, my fellow top curators on Seek have all the tea on the best spots to spill the tea with your friends!


Begin your day in SoHo with a sip & a bite. 

Harney and Sons SoHo
Rec By: Steepreadrepeat

Harney and Sons is an excellent store if you’re looking for a little sip and bite during your time in SoHo. Not only do they have over 250 teas for you to try and buy, there are smaller pastries and bites available for purchase in their lounge to enjoy with your tea of choice. The store has tall ceilings and lilac walls, making the entire experience of stopping in for a delicious earl grey or chai just that much more elegant. Whether you’re an average tea drinker or die hard enthusiast, you’re surely covered at Harney and Sons!


Now or Never Coffee
Rec By: Garlicanddirt

Now or Never Coffee is a small coffee shop that offers all standard coffees from espressos to lattes along with a few bites and other beverage options. This café has a small yet amazing and engaging space to sit, chat, and sip. There are beautiful (and Instagram-able) decorations and finishes to the entire shop, perfect for taking pictures or videos. In fact, the space itself is rentable if you ever want to host a small event at a great price. Oh, and did we mention if you rent the space you get free coffee while you’re there? 😉


Brunch with the best after a morning stroll!

Whether you’re aiming for traditional brunch food, bottomless, or something a bit more unique, SoHo has tons of restaurants. From eggs benedict to soufflé pancakes, the choice is yours.

Rec By: Bonapp

If you’re looking for a chic brunch spot with choice Jewish fare, look no further than Sadelles. Located on Broadway, this restaurant is very accessible. With a nicely fashioned and decorated brick interior, this restaurant will have your stomach growling and fingers ready to snap a great picture for the gram. The menu is friendly to different budgets with delicious affordable dishes as well as some more luxurious dishes. For example, you can order latkes and a brunch burger or caviar and eggs. They also specialize in fish with multiple options available for their specialty fish bagels. The selection is quite extensive, especially for a delicious brunch style meal, so be sure to comb through the menu carefully. 


Rec By: Kellypeacock

Flipper’s specializes in their soufflé pancakes, all of which look like pieces of art. Their extremely soft and puffy texture makes eating them feel like you’re biting into a pillow of pure bliss and deliciousness. They’re available with lots of different toppings and varieties like a standard strawberry covered pancake or something a bit more special like the matcha pancake. Flipper’s also has other breakfast and brunch options like sandwiches, french toast, and different egg dishes. Whether you order one of those or a soufflé pancake, they come with a great assortment of alcoholic beverages. Sake, champagne, and mimosas are just the beginning of that list! 👀


Shop the afternoon away as you navigate through the busy streets!

Rec By: Camilamontoya32

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (and for those of you who don’t, join the party @bougeandrouge), you’ll know that I’m a shopaholic who is trying to cut down her binge buys of fast fashion for economic and environmental reasons. Thrifting and buying second hand designer items are easy ways to positively impact your wardrobe, wallet, and the world. With a city of fashionistas, people of diverse taste, and socialites who only wear the latest season’s clothing, consignment stores are practically the adult equivalent of Disney World in NYC. TheRealReal is a second hand store that features a plethora of designer merchandise, all in good to pristine condition. Almost all of my designer pieces are from here! There is even coffee available if you drink coffee like a Gilmore Girl and need a fix mid-shopping. If you have any clothing you want to sell, you’re also able to do so by bringing it into the store for professionals to authenticate and price for you on the spot. The best part is: you can even shop online at to see what’s in the SoHo store prior to your visit! 


Rec By:

Showfields is a special type of pop-up store where brands rotate in and out somewhat frequently. You can find all sorts of clothing, beauty products, pet care, and more! In a city full of typical fast fashion stores or luxury brands, it’s refreshing to see a a showroom style shopping center full of new, upcoming, or niche brands. Since you never know what to expect, just walking in and experiencing the unique exhibits built by each visiting brand is a treat each time! If you ever want to find an avant-garde New York item/souvenir for a friend, check out the Showfields every so often to see what’s in store.


Support a local business and end the day at a delicious restaurant.

Pera SoHo
Rec by: Blackbites

Pera SoHo offers Mediterranean fare with both indoor and beautiful outdoor seating in an enclosed patio space for all three meals of the day (although their dinner menu is my favorite). The menu is extensive, with options for many palettes and dietary restrictions. I came here with a fellow Seek curator friend for her event and could not get enough of the food. You can check out the stars of the dinner table in this Instagram post. Try their chicken “shashlik”, dip sampler, burrata, octopus, or steak frites for a memorable meal. They also have a great selection of alcohol with lots of wine by the bottle and cocktails as well!


The Mercer Kitchen
Rec by: TeonaMango

The Mercer Kitchen offers American fare in a fusion space that combines rustic and modern design. Their brick walls and large mirrors are a perfect background for their assortment of dishes, whether it be seared salmon or artichoke appetizers. It’s almost impossible to have nothing on their menu appealing as it covers all sorts of flavor palettes and textures. Be sure to order one of their many desserts from cakes to cookies to sorbets before you go!


I am one of the founding curators on Seek, a new NYC-based app complete with recommendations and tips on where to eat, drink, and explore with friends. The recommendations are brought to you by in-the-know New Yorkers who have tried a huge amount of places in the city and have the insider knowledge you can’t find from those popular online articles. You can find the best nail and hair salons, workout studios, art galleries, and shows to buy tickets for on Seek as well!

Check out their website at as well as their app at Seek – NY City Recommendations and follow them on Instagram to find out more. If you’re viewing this on your mobile device, you can also click here to download the app on your iPhone or iOS device (Android coming soon).

I hope you enjoyed this little itinerary we put together for you! What other neighborhoods should we cover in New York City? Comment below and I will work with the Seek team to share some more. Until next time, bisou bisou…










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