Seven Steps To Resetting Your Life For A New Year

Seven Steps To Resetting Your Life For A New Year

Well mes chéries, the holiday cookie crumbs are vacuumed and the glitter and glam of New Year’s Eve will eventually fade away. Whether we like it or not, in just a few days we will be returning to reality once more. One of my favorite things about the start of a new year is the motivation you feel to actually establish resolutions and accomplish goals you keep putting off. My least favorite thing? Actually mustering up the energy to do it all

The modern day woman has plenty thrown onto her plates regardless of who she is and what she does. Between the pressures we feel from the outside world, the unfortunate biases we still face, and the high expectations we hold for ourselves, we’re pretty f*cking awesome for being able to balance it all! 💃🏻

But every now and then, it’s normal for us to feel a little off-center and in need of a reset, especially at the onset of a new year. While the first half of 2017 was fantastic for me, the latter half took a bit of a nosedive. So put on your coziest outfit and let’s take on the seven steps to hitting the reset button and getting your life back together in 2018.

STEP ONE: Unpack Everything

Whether you just returned from a trip or haven’t moved once this holiday season, take everything out of every bag or luggage you own and sort through all the items. You may find things you’ve been looking for or things you never knew you still had. Figure out what stays and throw all the remaining trash away. Then organize the items you kept and place them back into their rightful places, including the original bag it came from if it is actually its rightful place (like a wallet).

Afterwards, wipe down your bags clean and stow it away. It’s always good to sanitize everything after going out and taking steps to protect your things!

STEP TWO: Dust It All Away

Dust gathers every single day, and unfortunately it takes a good amount of time to really see the build-up. Do you really want plant pollen, human and/or animal hair, dead skin cells, textile fibers, or soil from outside to be the things you breathe in first thing in the morning? Not me! 🙅🏻

I find it best to dust every three days. Wipe down all your counters and surfaces in your living space with a Clorox wipe or with cleaning vinegar and paper towels if you opt for something without chemicals. This includes decorative trays on bookshelves or tables, as they tend to collect the most dust. Vacuum your floors and then sweep with a Swiffer or something of its equivalent so you can run around barefoot without a care in the world.

STEP THREE: Clear Your Air

Fresh air is the best thing in the world. Most people don’t realize that their space smells like “still air” until they open up a window (no matter how cold it is), let the air circulate, and feel the difference. Once you ventilate your space for a bit (anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or so, depending on the weather outside), I like to close my windows and light a candle to match the mood I want to feel when I am in my living space.

STEP FOUR: Declutter & Reorganize Your Space

A clean, open space and an organized space helps your routine flow better. If there is anything you’ve been meaning to get rid of, throw it out. Change up your wall decor if you feel like your space is getting cluttered. Put up new decor or just reorganize all your belongings to better suit your needs or the room’s aesthetic. For example, my dresser top is starting to look just a tad too cluttered. I tend to knock things over just trying to take out an eyeshadow palette, meaning it’s time for a little organizational makeover!

STEP FIVE: Digital Purge

I think the worst thing in the world is a large amount or an unlimited amount of phone and laptop storage. I have not deleted things from my iPhone since 2013. Let’s just say that is 10k photos and selfies and screenshots too many to have! Take an afternoon and comb through all your digital devices. Delete unused apps, photos you really don’t need or care to look back on, and so forth. Clean out your contacts and social media accounts. If you haven’t cared to check up on certain people’s social media for a while, you could probably unfollow or unfriend. Choose what you want to see and be surrounded by for 2018.

STEP SIX: Recharge & Recenter

I mean this quite literally. Recharge all your electronics to full battery and while it’s charging, do NOT look at anything. Take the time to refocus and recenter yourself. For me, that is sitting down and making weekly to-do lists, planning my month on my agenda, and reflecting in my journal. The point of doing this is to channel all your energy and focus towards yourself because YOU are your first priority!

During this time, prep for the week. Lay out tomorrow’s outfit, meal prep, and make sure you have your to-do list ready for the new day. This helps you save time in the morning and helps you wake up with a purpose the next day.

STEP SEVEN: Get Moving

Once everything is done at home, get out! No seriously. Whether it’s going to the gym, workout class, or simply leaving to run errands, get moving and grooving. We often don’t realize how being active or being outside, even on a cloud day, can help boost your mood and revitalize you especially in the wintertime. For me, stepping out of my shoebox apartment into the hustle bustle of Manhattan gives me a charge of energy and helps me finish all the things on my to-do list before I head back to the comfort of my bed.


There you have it! Those are my 7 tips to getting your life back together for the new year. I’m so excited to clear my space and my mind for a fresh start. How do you press the reset button in the new year? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and manage to survive your first days back on the job or at school. Thank you so much for stopping by! Until next time, bisou bisou…






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Erica Huang

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