For those who know me personally outside this blog, they can tell you that I’m that type of girl with a lot to show, a lot to give, and a LOOOOOT to say. Although I do my best to incorporate my individual voice into my writing, I wanted to dedicate a section to what B&R started as: a personal blog. Under L’Esprit, you’ll find advice and chats about mental health. Under Amour, you can pick my brain on all things love and romance. Under Panorama, posts will range from funny stories of my often “lolsy” life experiences to sample writing pieces. It’s basically my online diary!

The item right next to Personal, Videos, takes you to visit my YouTube channel for monthly vlogs, tags, and so much more!

I hope Personal helps you all get to know me on a more personal level. Merci beaucoup for being a part of La Coterie, mes amours.