My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Wishlist

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Wishlist

I did that stupid thing where I forgot to sign up for a Nordstrom card in time to get early access to the Nordstrom sale. But that’s ok, because the sale has arrived and I’m going to spend all evening raiding the store with my mom after work. I have no idea what I will find at my local Nordstrom, but I’m excited to browse through the racks and search for great work clothes on sale. I’ve been working on a new Style series for you called #WorkingWoman featuring my go-to office looks, and I’m excited to see what else I can collect and pair together for you all before it launches! Unfortunately, yesterday I signed the lease and sold my bank and life away in the form of rent, deposits, and fees for my new apartment; looks like your girl is probably only going to be able to get one or two things from her wishlist this time (brb crying.)

Before I head into the store today, I wanted to draft up a list of things to keep an eye out for and try on. As much as I wish I could just order online, I’ve never had the best luck with that. I figured I should go and physically try them on since I’m near a Nordstrom anyways. So let’s see what is in my shopping cart! I might pick a few of these up or check out things my nearest Nordstrom has that the website doesn’t feature. If you’re interested in an item listed, click on the photos to bring you to the webpage! (No links here are affiliate links)








Side note: Remember when I predicted in this post at the end of last year that ruffles and micropleats were going to continue to grow into 2017 trends? I was right! There are tons of ruffled tops (as you’ve seen above) and pleated skirts on the site; I included one of my favorites in the post.

Shoes & Accessories

That’s it for my wishlist now! I recently splurged on tons of outerwear and work clothes, so I kept my wishlist to (some form of) a bare minimum. I hope you enjoyed peeking into my cart! I’ll try to vlog a bit of our shopping trip tonight if I can. Have fun raiding your Nordstrom, mes chéries, and don’t forget to share what you got with me in the comments below or on Instagram/Twitter (bougeandrouge)!







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