New Year, Who Dis?

New Year, Who Dis?

You can sit around and claim that calendars are just human constructs of time and the turning of the clock at midnight on December 31 does not change anything. You can also embrace the new year as the perfect time to celebrate as you head into the next chapter of your life.

Every person has a different approach to the new year and a different list of resolutions or goals they want to achieve. As I’ve mentioned before, this year is special to me because I’ll be making some of the biggest transitions in my life in 2017. From graduation to moving out on my own in New York to starting my career, I have a lot in store for me. With the first week of 2017 coming to a close tomorrow, I can finally say I’ve completed my own list of resolutions to live by these next 358 days. It goes as follows:

  1. Find balance. Ten shots of tequila on a Friday night is fine as long as you eat healthily, exercise, fulfill all your responsibilities, and get enough sleep on a regular basis.
  2. Be patient. Time is abundant. Time will always give you your answers. Always.
  3. Listen. Not just to words but also to the unspoken parts of any interaction.
  4. Trust my instincts. You know yourself best. It’s great to get perspectives but know when to shut out the world and go with your gut. For me, it’s the one thing that has never failed me.
  5. Think less. Get out of everyone else’s head. Get out of your own head. You’ll never know what someone else is thinking so why bother trying to reason it out? Your own head is also often a cruel Pandora’s Box. There is no need to unleash chaos into your emotions and day-to-day life as often as you do. Find zen in silence.
  6. Don’t be afraid to be challenged. I still struggle with this because the pompous brat in me loves being right and prepared and hates change. Being different means you’re growing. Being surprised helps you learn and enjoy life. Being wrong helps you be right more often in the future. So why fear it?
  7. Have faith. Everything always works out the way it is supposed to in the long run.
  8. Make lists. You are always calmer when you have a grasp over things in your life.
  9. Say no more often. I’m very much a “Yes Man” who is always down for an adventure and who also has a way of never letting my friends say no to me. While it’s created incredible memories, I know it’s time for me (and my friends) to start putting my foot down. It’s ok to say no if that is the better option for you.
  10. Be unapologetically ME. I have dutifully not given a rat’s derrière about what anyone thinks about me for almost nine years now, and I will continue to do so. Take me or leave me baby, because I’m not missing out if you weren’t meant to stay anyways.

I cannot believe my highly anticipated year of milestones, exploration, and growth is finally here. Time really does fly by quickly. 2016 was a struggle in many ways, but I truly believe it’s given me what I need to flourish the way I want to in 2017. I have gladly booted what I deemed toxic out the door and welcomed all things positive for the new year. With experiences of a lifetime under my belt, I can only pray that 2017 brings me peace, prosperity, healing, and good love.

Happy new year, mes chéries! May 2017 have a heart of gold to offer us all.



Erica Huang
Erica Huang

Based in New York City, Erica Huang is the creator and voice behind Bouge & Rouge. This blog is a playground of her thoughts where she invites you to join her on her journey through her 20s. Erica shares her lifestyle, fashion and beauty tips, adventures, and personal thoughts with the goal of inspiring others to always persevere and be unapologetically yourself.

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