UPDATE: A Little More Rouge Than Bouge…

UPDATE: A Little More Rouge Than Bouge…

Welcome to the new and improved Bouge & Rouge! Not only is there a new layout of the blog but also an official Facebook page (FINALLY) where you will get all the updates and first looks into my latest posts. Click here to “Like” it on Facebook!

I wanted to quickly chat with you all, mes chéries, as I’m heading towards the 8-month mark since the launch of Bouge & Rouge. In these past 8 months, I have tried a little bit of everything: lifestyle, health and fitness, travel, fashion, beauty, love, and personal thoughts. As time passes and my schedule changes, I’m realizing the increase resources I will have post graduation will help me bring you more recipes, fitness routines, lookbooks, travel diaries, and posts on love when I move to the city. As my blog grows, so will I and the number of posts under Panorama, my personal thoughts section.

Like I said in my previous post, “Morning Musings: The Write Way,” I have always loved to write but I never knew what the “right” thing for me to write about was. It’s why I started this “playground of thoughts” via Bouge & Rouge: to tell the story of who I am, what I think, and how far I grow through my twenties. Now I’ve always written from the heart but often with filters as to not upset anyone who may not appreciate my controversial opinions or less-refined conversational vocabulary. Unfortunately, it’s made me feel like I’ve put on the slightest of façades in order to “keep it classy.”

But that’s not right. That’s not me. And, that means I’m not being authentic, oui?

So I’ve made a bold decision: From this point on, you will see a much bolder tint of rouge in my writing. After all, well-behaved women seldom make history. I will write about much more real (and sometimes uncomfortable) topics on Bouge & Rouge, things that I usually reserve for private conversations with my closest friends behind very thick doors. That being said, there may be some stances I take that you find hard to agree with. There may be some approaches I prefer that you wouldn’t personally embrace. There may be some things I say that go against what society things a supposedly “refined” woman or role model should say. That’s perfectly ok! I won’t be upset or offended if someone disapproves or disagrees with my perspectives. All I hope is that no matter how much you disagree with what is yet to come in this upcoming stripped-down version of Bouge & Rouge, my authenticity still garners your respect and loyalty.

That’s all for now, mes chéries! Look out for a fashion post on capsule wardrobe and trend pieces coming out sometime within the next week as well as a pretty controversial Panorama post I’ve been working. Have a wonderful weekend, mes chéries! Je vous aime beacoup <3



Erica Huang
Erica Huang

Based in New York City, Erica Huang is the creator and voice behind Bouge & Rouge. This blog is a playground of her thoughts where she invites you to join her on her journey through her 20s. Erica shares her lifestyle, fashion and beauty tips, adventures, and personal thoughts with the goal of inspiring others to always persevere and be unapologetically yourself.

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