La Vie

La Vie is B&R’s lifestyle section! In the dropdown menus, you will find 5 content categories:

La Femme Féroce: being a working woman in the 21st century, current events, professional advice

  • Adulting 101 series: money management, transitioning from student to adult, etc.

Biceps & Beignets: mental & physical health, fitness, food

  • The Cooking Pain series: (pronounced p-ahn like bread in French) recipes
  • Picky Palates series: restaurant reviews
  • Behind the Bar series: how to make cocktails (coming soon)

DECORum: interior decor, housekeeping topics, DIYs

Wanderlust: travel diaries

  • xoxo, New York series: all the places I explore in the boroughs of NYC
  • Tour d’Origine series: my post-graduation Asia tour

Seasonal: holiday/annual-events

I share these aspects of my life in hopes that it helps you or inspires you to live peacefully and to your fullest. Enjoy, mes chéries!