Full Body HiiT Workout Routine

Full Body HiiT Workout Routine

Bonjour, mes chéries et bienvenue to an updated fitness post! Last time we spoke, I was at the end of my “bulking” journey and beginning to cut in hopes of shedding the excess fat I gained throughout my senior fall semester. My goal was to lose 12lbs and regain my toned muscles, which I have 80% accomplished within 4 months! I am currently 15lbs lighter and much firmer, despite my lack of exercise in the 6 weeks that I was away. Half of it was definitely my workout routine. The other was sticking to a paleo-based diet.

In this update, I wanted to share with you one of my workout routines at the moment. It is inspired by my favorite fitness vloggers on YouTube. Unfortunately, I am unable to film or photograph me doing the workouts for you at my gym due to the high volume of people and the respect for their privacy. However, I hope that my descriptions are adequate, as they are simple routines. Let’s HiiT it!

1) Stair Master Circuit: ADJUST the levels to your own strength and stamina!

PART ONE: 3-5 sets

  • 3-5 min warmup at level 7
  • level 21/high speed: 30 sec sprints
    • 90sec – 2min rest at level 7 in between each

PART TWO: 3 sets

  • 1 min kick leg back at level 8 on every other step
    • 30sec rest at level 6
  • 30sec walk sideways up on each side at level 10
    • 30sec rest in between at level 6

2) Arm Circuit: 10 min

weight: 5lbs (ADJUST to your own body’s strength and stamina!)

  • 1 min bicep curl to hammer curl
  • 30sec form a 90 degree angle with your weights in front of you, move arms in L shape in and out
  • 30sec hammer curl to 90 degrees, move out, down, back up in 90 degrees, move inwards, down
  • 30sec tricep extension
  • 10sec tricep extension at 90 degrees and just pulse there
  • 30sec shoulder press to tricep extension
  • 30sec alternating bicep curls
  • 30sec upright row to triceps kickback
  • 30sec alternating parallel shoulder lifts
  • 30sec alternating lateral shoulder lifts
  • 30sec parallel shoulder lifts out to lateral, down, up and out to lateral, in to parallel, down
  • 30sec bent over row
  • 30sec bent over fly
  • 30sec bent over row to tricep kickback
  • 30sec bent over shoulder parallel lift, down, out to fly, down
  • 30sec bicep curls
  • 30sec curl, press, triceps, down,
  • 15sec tricep extension pulse at 90 degrees

3) Abs Circuit: 15 min


30sec per bullet point, 30sec rest in-between, 3x

  • 8 mountain climbers, 2 pushups
  • leg lifts while laying on your back
  • side plank hip dip pulses (SKIP last time and just do a plank)
  • lie down, legs propped up in a wide V with feet still on ground, tap your toes

60sec rest


30sec per bullet point, 30sec rest in-between, 3x

  • lie down, legs up at 90 degrees, open and close your legs each crunch
  • Russian twists (in a V sit, twist side to side) with a weight (I use 8lbs)
  • starfish on the floor and crunch up to a V with your knees bent and meeting your chest in the middle as you balance on your tailbone
  • cross body oblique crunch where one foot is propped up in an angle with the ankle resting on the other’s thigh, opposite elbow to the propped angled knee and bring both the legs up to meet your elbow in the middle of a crunch

This entire workout usually burns off about 320+ calories for me. The higher your intensity, the more calories you’ll burn from those short bursts. If you are ever confused, feel free to Google search the basic workout (cross body oblique crunch, Russian Twist, plank) and you will find an example. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and eat a protein and vegetable heavy meal over a carb heavy meal so your abs can peep through!

Bonne chance, mes chéries!







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