Autumn Mini Lookbook #3: Making A Statement

Autumn Mini Lookbook #3: Making A Statement

Bonjour, mes chéries! I’m back for the last installment of this year’s autumn mini lookbook series just in time before fall comes to an end. I wanted to apologize for the delay in releasing this. I haven’t had the best few weeks, and a lot of personal things got in the way of me working on this last post. I plan on pouring my heart out to you all soon, don’t worry 😉. It wouldn’t be a classic end-of-year Bouge & Rouge moment if I didn’t!

Since it’s the final mini lookbook, I have not two but three outfits for you! The best part is there is still time to wear similar things for a few more weeks, even if it’s under a long coat before you arrive at your (hopefully indoor) destination.


Outfit #1

Let’s start with the one that’s running out of time to wear, the one in my featured photo. I’ve been in a pretty “fuck-the-world” mood the last few months (for reasons you’ll read about soon) which explains how this outfit came to be.

Are we surprised I added some edge into this final lookbook? Well if you’ve been following me around for the first and second mini lookbooks, you’ll know the answer is absolutely not. Here I paired a chiffon cream shirt from Zara (last year, sorry mes chéries!) that has dark gunmetal buttons and embellishments down the center and around the collar with a plaid skirt from Tobi. I tossed my All Saints Balfern jacket over on top (which is warmer than it looks).

To finish off the look, I shoved my paws into my favorite “fuck-the-world” shoes, my limited edition dark hunter green Jeffrey Campbell Legion boots. The boots are a lot more comfortable than it looks. I’m not saying I’m walking on clouds with these, but I’m definitely comfortable enough to kick an asshole down if needed, you know what I mean? Lastly, I completed the outfit with my Gucci Sylvie bag and Givenchy sunglasses because eye contact is unnecessary in this city.

Since plaid is the fabric of the season, I chose to make it the center point of this look. I’ve always loved plaid from my private school days to my college days. Apparently, I loved plaid so much my university’s mascot is a waving piece of tartan plaid. They’ll tell you it’s the scottie wearing the plaid, but last I checked it was Go Tartans! and not Go Scotties! so admissions is definitely lying.

If I’m being honest, I have no idea when and where you can wear this outfit. I just like looking like a badass and being unnecessarily extra AF outside the office ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so if you do too, pair some leather and combat boots together with me!



Outfit #2

This is my go-to fall date night outfit. Given the last “date” I really went on was sometime early September, this became my go-to fall date night outfit for the girls…at all-you-can-eat sushi…because the waistband is stretchy and hides my food belly.

The romper is by Ali & Jay Getting All Your Love Romper from Nordstrom (and!) and an absolute stunner. Neither I nor my photos do it justice, but you can take it up with my bank account for the lack of a professional photography session. I will say the beautiful tones and ruffles on this romper definitely make a statement and help you stand out in the crowd.

With this look, I wore my dark gray Stuart Weitzman Tielands and a blush Kate Spade crossbody bag. I also added a skinny black belt to create the illusion of a smaller waist since the romper is more relaxed. Regardless of your love life, this is definitely a comfortable and very beautiful outfit for a night with either your boy-toy or your girl squad! For me, I’ll take the latter so I can digest my food more easily 🙃.


Outfit #3

Last but certainly not least, I bring you this fabulous printed dress! I saw this on one of my favorite UK fashion blogger’s Instagram and had to buy it for myself. I absolutely love the colors and patchwork design.

If you didn’t know, I have always been drawn to anything patchwork. This sounds weird to say out loud but not only do I love the look of numerous patterns patched together, I can almost related to it. There are many personalities and facets in me. Some mesh well and many clash, much like a patchwork design, but together they make a whole piece.

Okay, enough psychoanalyzing myself. I’ll leave that for my therapist to do. Back to fashion! 💃🏻

I matched this patchwork chain dress from Zara with the same dark gray Stuart Weitzman Tielands and my dark gray Michael Kors coat. However, this look can be easily transformed with a beige teddy bear coat and light tan boots the way the blogger I spoke earlier about did. I just live in New York, so I don’t know how to not wear dark colors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Since the dress itself has numerous colors as well, such as blue, navy, pink, and dark maroon, you can do a lot with this in terms of boot colors, hats, or jackets. It also goes with almost any classic basic boot or jacket. That’s why I love statement dresses so much! They create a look with a lot less effort than people realize.

Unfortunately, Zara doesn’t pair up with program I use so I am unable to create a Shop This Look section for you. However, feel free to scroll up to get the direct links to the dress, Givenchy sunglasses, and boots!


And just like that, autumn is coming to an end. My favorite season came a little late and is leaving a little early, considering it snowed in New York this past week. I’m a little sad about it. I feel like time is escaping me lately, and I long to hold on to the little moments, even one as simple as watching leaves change colors for just a while longer. But time will keep on flying by so all I can say is oh well… I guess this means it’s time for Bouge & Rouge to get into the holiday mood.

Merci beaucoup for stopping by. Until next time, bisou bisou…





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Erica Huang

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