Autumn Mini Lookbook #2: Boy Meets Girl

Autumn Mini Lookbook #2: Boy Meets Girl

Happy Sunday, mes chéries. How was your weekend? Mine was productive but also restful. I started the weekend with a brain MRI (don’t worry, I’m fine. They’re just looking for the unicorn that lives in my brain) and used that as an excuse to get my Sour Punch Straws to reward my ADHD self for sitting still  🙃. Every day is #treatyoself day, right? Then I deep cleaned my kitchen, went to unlimited sushi and the movies with friends, and did a mini photoshoot today for the next mini lookbook!

Speaking of photos, how did you enjoy the first autumn mini lookbook? (If you missed it, catch up here!) In this lookbook, we’re exploring large jackets and boyish ways. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that my style truly varies day by day and depends on my mood in the morning. This fall, I found myself adding boxier shapes to my wardrobe much more frequently than I expected. I found that adding a more “unisex” looking jacket to a basic outfit (and a bun or “sleek” ponytail on days you should have washed your hair) was the perfect statement piece that turned a regular outfit into a look without much effort.

Outfit #1

Exhibit A of me dressing more “tomboyish” than usual (as my friends have told me) features a red double breasted blazer on a gray/black base and minimal jewelry. To be honest, I randomly put this outfit together on a Monday morning when I was in a rush to make my 9am call. By some stroke of luck, this came together, and I have to say it won’t be the last time I wear this outfit!

Ironically, I used to hate larger jackets or blazers that went past my hips. It’s hard for me to find long blazers that don’t flare out on my derrière and make me look about twice my actual size or completely hide my shape. So when I came across a blazer (in one of my favorite colors nonetheless) that fit so well, I stopped being afraid of boxy cuts and larger jackets and am more open to working them into my wardrobe.

The thing I love about this outfit is how it creates the slight illusion that I’m smaller than I am (meaning no one can see just how many garlic knots I’ve been eating). As a woman who’s still considered petite and curvier for her size, I can easily make an outfit go from chic to “eek!” if the cut of the clothing is wrong, so it’s rare for me to find a piece like this.


Outfit #2

Exhibit B takes a casual but more feminine approach this “tomboy” trend of the lookbook. In this look, I paired a similar white/black base outfit with a dark emerald green oversized work jacket and leopard booties. I kept my jewelry simple: a watch and a simple but still statement-worthy jeweled necklace (which I stupidly forgot to take a close-up of, sorry mes chéries). I swear I didn’t plan this, but it was picked out of my closet on a Friday morning when I was once again in a rush to make it to work on time… There seems to be a trend in both my tardiness and algorithm for last minute outfits 🤔.

I found this oversized work jacket in the depths of my local Urban Outfitters vintage section. There were two left, and the second I picked this one up two girls beelined/fought over the last one. You’re welcome, UO. Anyways, what drew me into this jacket was initially the color. Dark emerald green is one of my favorite colors. I love how it’s both a jewel tone and a forest hue. The denim is made from vintage clothing, and I fully support recycling especially when it comes to clothes. It’s the perfect weight and style for the fall season.

The beauty of a basic layer in your outfit and unisex jacket is the versatility on the shoes. What shoe you pair with this outfit changes the entire style of the look. There were many options for the shoes in this outfit, such as black mules, flats, loafers (jk I don’t own any because I hate most of them), Timbs, combat boots, or Docs. See how different each one would look? On this particular morning, my leopard booties were calling to me. But the next time I put this outfit on, it might be a different story.

That’s all for now, mes chéries! I hope you enjoyed the second post in this mini lookbook series and learned my tip to looking put together with little effort. Let me know in the comments below which outfit or lookbook you enjoyed the most. Until next time, bisou bisou…

Erica Huang
Erica Huang

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