Autumn Mini Lookbook #1: Pumpkin Spice & Everything Striped

Autumn Mini Lookbook #1: Pumpkin Spice & Everything Striped

There’s always that first day of fall when you find yourself needing an extra blanket on your bed or a light jacket to leave the house. It’s one of my favorite days because you can feel the ghost of the summer heat in the air as the cool breeze and lower temperatures settle in, indicating that my favorite season has arrived.

This year, there was a harsh transition between sweltering humidity and harshly brisk winds. I went from cute boots and fall rompers to jeans and peacoat within a week. However, the temperatures are now sitting in the high 50s, allowing me to bring you the first in series of mini lookbooks this fall.

The first mini lookbook in the series features two outfits perfect for days where the temperature is in the 60s. These are also great for those who love fall fashion but live in areas with warmer temperatures. If you see anything you like, I’ll leave links* below the photos so you can twin with me!

*Note: Some links are generated through an influencer program where I may earn a small commission (and I DO mean small 😂) while others are just regular links to the website I purchased from.


Outfit #1

I can’t resist a good romper, especially if it’s long sleeved and fluttery and perfectly autumnal. In this looked, I paired together the striped Nordstrom Ruffle Hem Romper (which is currently 40% off!) with my Sandro white leather jacket and Stuart Weitzman gray Tielands.

My favorite thing about this look is how the leather jacket contrasts the boots and romper. Since both of the latter are more feminine, both the color and style of the jacket truly pop against it. The white brings out the white in the stripes of the romper; the style of the jacket brings a little edge to the look.

If your style ranges on the more romantic or feminine side of the spectrum, you can replace the leather jacket with a light colored suede jacket, a non-biker or Moto leather jacket, or even a cozy jacket or furry vest. If your style is edgier, you can opt out of the over-the-knee boots for combat boots, combat boot heels, or studded boots (I’ve included options in the “Shop The Look” section below).


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Outfit #2

The second look in this mini lookbook features the Erina Mauve striped midi dress from Lulus, Tobi Agnes Stone Moto Jacket, and my old suede booties that have proven to be a trooper four years in! I paired this outfit together because the color of the jacket brought out the nude stripes in the dress while also bringing an edge to the look like the previous outfit (sensing a pattern here yet?). Ideally, I’d pair these with minimalistic two-strap nude heels but that isn’t the best option for late October unless you’re in a warmer state or country.

Also like the previous outfit, you can easily swap out shoe or jacket options to give the look a different flare. Some examples could be a black leather jacket or a jacket that matches one of the stripe colors and black booties.

I’m going to be dead honest and say that these photos don’t do the dress justice, as it looks much more flattering in person! As you may know by now, I’m curvier for my height so certain angles or movements (such as walking around for these photos) cause the stripes to curve at some not-so-flattering angles. In person, the dress is actually quite slimming and very chic, so if you got some junk in the trunk as well, don’t worry! The stripes actually might help accentuate that in the best way possible… 😉\


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That’s all for now, mes chéries! I hope you’re all enjoying the fall season with apple picking, decorating pumpkins, Halloween costumes, and pumpkin spice lattes. Stay tuned for the next in this mini lookbook series. Until then, bisou bisou…




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