Early Autumn Lookbook

Early Autumn Lookbook

For all the fall lovers out there, the long-awaited season of boots, fuzzy cardigans, and dark berry lips has finally arrived. I personally love fall because it’s a perfect transition time not just in fashion but also in day-to-day life: the heat and rush of summer dies down and things tend to settle or shift towards new directions. It’s a time for cuddles, cozy beverages, and working on the home stretch of your yearly goals.

Unlike New York City, Pittsburgh fall temperature and weather varies much more drastically. After three years here, I think I finally figured it out. September often brings in that last heat wave between cool drafts, allowing me to rock my flowy dresses and rompers with booties or light outerwear. So starting from the first week of September up till the last, I’ve compiled a lookbook of my favorite fall outfits for the month.

For Class

This outfit is one of my favorites for class. Not only is it easy to put together in the mornings, especially when you’re running late, but it’s also incredibly comfortable! Shift dresses are probably my favorite clothing item of all time because I can eat as much mac & cheese from my campus’s Au Bon Pain and lie about it… And no one would know. *wink wink* Shift dresses come in all patterns and fabrics. The one below is from Francesca’s cupro dress line. The cupro fabric is a cellulose fiber that feels similar to rayon or silk but breathes like cotton. It also drapes much more beautifully than cotton. Bottom line: it’s bae.


Dress: Francesca’s

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Clarks

For Early Autumn Date Nights

Summer romances often fade, but sometimes budding relationships sprout throughout the late summer weeks and into early autumn. So what do you do when your cute fling asks you on a date but you know it’s a whopping 86 degrees when he picks you up and a much lower 74 degrees by the time the night is over? I like to pair a light long sleeve shirt and tighter pants in these situations. Fabric hugging your body often keeps you warmer, even if it’s in the form of high-waisted shorts. If you can, pop in a little bit of color to remind him of your summer lovin’. Before you go, make sure your outfit is a radiant representation of your personality so you feel 1000% comfortable in your own and your second skin.

Top: Francesca’s

Shorts: Hollister

Heels: Zara

For the Active Days

You know when mid-September rolls around and you feel like you’re drowning in projects whether it’s at work or in school? And then on top of all that jazz, you have 1001 meetings one day and need to madly dash from place to place? Don’t worry. I have an outfit for you. Now because my hips are wide and my derrière grand, I’m not a big fan of joggers or harem pants. I look like a hot air balloon that could easily float away. But a combination of both? I’m sold.



Days like this, you need something airy and simple. You want to be mobile and comfortable. For me, I resort to my hybrid “joggem” pants with a fitted tank or crop top and canvas sneakers. I keep my jewelry minimal to diminish tangling and distractions.

Top: H&M

Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Payless version of Keds

Necklace: Links of London

Sunglasses: Francesca’s

For Days Filled with Meetings

Ever have days where you’re just in back to back meetings? I know I do. What’s even worse is when you’re a board member in all those meetings and have to pretend you have everything together. I often find that looking and feeling like a boss boosts my confidence and helps me execute my tasks and responsibilities regardless of how I feel that day, physically or mentally. When those days creep up on me, my go-to look is a mild and much more casual version of Gossip Girl’s Diana Payne. As much as I despise her character, you have to admit she always is a boss a$$ bitch.

This classic ribbed bodycon dress hugs all the right places. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and cotton, allowing air to flow through preventing those nasty pit stains or back sweat stains from collecting. Paired with a pair of heeled sandals and simple jewelry and watch, you can rock your job looking sexy yet humble.

Dress: Necessary Clothing

Shoes: Vera Wang

Jewelry: Ad Astra Brooklyn, Michael Kors

For the Days the Weather is Confused

As I write this, I’m in a tank, jeans, and over-the-knee boots. That’s because it was 47 degrees when I left my room this morning. Two hours later, it’s at 60. In another hour, it’ll be 74. Then in six hours, it’ll be 58. Sometimes, you just never know how badly temperatures will vary throughout the day. The way I combat that is layering a tank and shorts with a light chiffon cardigan and light-colored lightweight suede boots. This way, I’m prepared for any temperature as well as the very confused air conditioning in my classrooms.


Top: Urban Outfitters

Shorts: Hollister

Cardigan: Taiwan street market boutiques

Boots: White Mountain Shoes* (via DSW)

Jewelry: Necessary Clothing, Ad Astra Brooklyn

Sunglasses: Francesca’s

Lipstick: Kylie Lit Kit in Dirty Peach

*They featured this photo on their Instagram!

For the Evenings Out in Town

Grab your girls. And I’m not just talking about squad… It’s time to strut the streets in killer boots! If you’re broke like me and Stuart Weitzman Highlands are nothing but a silly dream, find yourself the Steve Madden’s Gorgeous boot. They’re a great fashion “dupe” for a high-end item.

This is one of my favorite outfits of all time because it elongates my short 5foot3inch figure and perfectly blends summer hues and summer-weight fabric into autumn. Because the romper is high-waisted and the boots are slimming, this outfit elongates my relatively long legs to make me look like I’m even taller. Now if this is too much for day time, not to worry. The shoes are interchangeable, and you can switch it up from day to night by starting the day in sandals or booties to the over-the-knee boots. Either way, you’re bound to turn heads!


Romper: Showpo

Button-down shirt: Uniqlo

Boots: Steve Madden

Choker: Necessary Clothing

Lipstick: Tarte Tbt

That’s it for now, mes chéries! I’ll see you all soon in my next Style post.



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Erica Huang

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