BLOGMAS DAY FOUR: Gift Guide 2017

BLOGMAS DAY FOUR: Gift Guide 2017

Happy day four of #12DaysOfBlogmas here on Bouge & Rouge! Yesterday, you witnessed me whining to Santa Claus about the things I want for Christmas this year. But today, it’s my turn to become one of the elves in Santa’s workshop and help you find gifts for our friends and family.

Instead of throwing a bunch of gift ideas for you, I’ve broken it down into seven major categories. Not every gift in each category will suit the person you’re shopping for, but I hope this guide overall gives you some idea or inspiration for someone special you’d like to give a present to this holiday season. We have the athlete, the artistic spirit, the fashionista, the masterchef, the traveler, and so on. I’ve combined both HIM and HER gifts based on personality to make it easier and less gender specific.

Let’s start gift shopping! 🛍️


For The Athlete

  • ClassPass gift card: What’s better than giving your active friend free workout classes of her choice? My old roommate/high school friend gifted me this for my birthday, and I could not have been more grateful. Upon receiving her gift card, your friend can receive the respective amount of credits to put towards classes she wants to take that month! I’ve been using her gift for boxing classes and dance classes that my own gym does not have.
  • Wireless earphones: Whether it’s the Jaybird Freedoms or Dr. Dre Beats Powerbeats that I featured in last year’s gift guide post, every gym rat or runner needs a high quality pair of earphones to get his/her workout. I’m still highly in love with my Jaybirds, and a friend of mine gifted the same pair to her boyfriend at the time who loved it as well!
  • A gym/workout accessory for his/her sport: Does your friend like to play golf? Does your friend like to box? Does your friend swim? Get them an accessory or necessity that they’ll need, like wrapping tape for the boxer, that they will absolutely need replaced. Maybe get them a higher quality tape that they wouldn’t always buy themselves or one in funky colors! This way you know you’re not bombarding them with unnecessary things, and they can appreciate taking a break from constantly replacing things they use daily.

For The Artistic Spirit

  • Polaroid & Accessories: The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera is a classic that everyone can thoroughly enjoy! Polaroid photos, especially the mini ones in credit card size, are so cute for room decor or to keep in your wallet. If your friend already has the camera, you can always help him/her stock up on film or get him/her a camera case! If your friend has all of that, there are always colored filter lenses!
  • Polaroid Printer: I mentioned this last year, and I’m mentioning it again because it’s just such a great gift. For those who hate carrying around a bulky camera, this printer will print photos from your smart phone onto polaroid film! Best of both worlds, am I right 😃?
  • Paint brushes: If your friend is an artist, a fine detailed paintbrush set might be the perfect gift! See if you can find something with high quality bristles that is within your price range on Amazon or art stores, like Blick. After all, the devil is in the details, and sometimes the details make all the difference!
  • Tickets to a show: There is nothing better than tickets to an incredible theatrical experience! This one is a little more difficult and depends on your budget, but there are always discounted tickets, resale tickets, rushing ticket boxes, and lotteries! Personally, I would love to save up for a night out to the theater with a good friend. It’s such an invigorating and inspirational experience.

For The Fashionista

  • Anything fashion themed: It could be a destressing coloring book, subscription to her favorite magazine/online magazine, or a book about fashion like such as this one printed by Taschen that brings you through fashion history frmo 18th to 20th century!
  • A coveted item they’ve been wanting: That is of course if it’s within budget. Recently, my friends and I split up the cost of a pricey item for our friend for her birthday! She appreciated it greatly, as it was something she really wanted, and it ended up costing us each $25 per person. Talk about a great bargain for a fantastic gift!
  • Accessory/Jewelry: If you know the accessory style of a friend, guy or girl, get them a piece of jewelry that would be a great addition to their collection! And if you’re shopping for a girl friend and unsure of what to get her within your price range, there is always that classic Alex And Ani bangle.
  • Dress Weights: There are only so many situations you can pull a Marilyn Monroe in! If your friend loves to wear dresses and hates a free show, get them a pair of dress weights from Dress Strong! These weights are reusable, recyclable steel, and come in a pack of 4 for $15. There is a strip of non-fabric damaging adhesive to attach to the interior hem of a dress or skirt. Trust me, your friend will thank you. You can follow them on Instagram for more info!
  • JORD Wood Watches: Every fashionista needs a beautiful and trendy watch accessory! If remember these watches from my Fall Favorites post, you’ll be excited to hear that the 25% off code is extended and there still might be a few left! Be sure to snag the last few this week as you gift shop for you special someone or friend!

For The Masterchef

  • Le Creuset/Sur La Table cookware: Nothing like making a chef’s day than getting him/her a solid cast iron skillet, thermometers, or bakeware. Even better, if the chef you have in mind loves making fish dishes, get them a cedarwood board for them to bake or cook their fish on! The aroma from the plank makes the fish so incredibly delicious.
  • A personality apron: I absolutely love shopping for things that suit a friend’s personality. Whether that’s because the item has a specific print/style or a funny saying, I think people generally appreciate
  • Glassware: Whether it’s nice wine glasses, fancy cocktail shaker, or a set of beautiful plates, someone who appreciates food will definitely appreciate plating!

For The Traveler

  • Passport cover: Every consultant or world traveler needs a good passport cover to hold his or her passport and IDs. However, most people don’t buy one for themselves because it’s not “necessary.” I would recommend a well-sewn leather one or something that isn’t too flimsy! Fossil makes a few classic models, if you need somewhere to start.
  • Luggage tag: Everyone also has the same color and shaped luggage. I always mark up my baggage with crazy ribbons or cute luggage tags so I can see it from afar on the conveyor belt. If your friend travels frequently, this is a perfect chance to help them jazz up their baggage and prevent others from accidentally mistaking it for their own.
  • Fun colored or shaped neck pillow: What is worse than a cramped neck? A cramped neck during your meeting with your client or one getaway from school/work. Do your friends a favor and save that neck muscle!
  • TSA friendly travel bottles: With restrictions on sizes of liquid containers, you know your friend will need to place his/her lotions or face washes in smaller travel bottles. Find a cute one that matches their style or personality and they’ll think of you (and be grateful you’re their friends) every time they pack for a trip!
  • Fuzzy socks/slippers for the hotel room: This can bring a sense of comfort and home when they’re far away! And, it helps keep their feet from touching the dirty hotel floor 🤢

For The Makeup Guru

  • MORE MAKEUP: We never have enough. Even if you think we do, we don’t. I promise you. This one is hard, because it’s totally dependent on the girl, but find a makeup product that would suit her makeup style. For example, if she’s big on lipsticks, try getting her a Bite Beauty lip set or the Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment. If she likes natural makeup, check out Milk Makeup or Glossier!
  • Skincare: If your friend is wearing a lot of makeup daily, skincare products could be her new best friend! Try looking for face mask sets at Sephora, like Dr. Jart+ or GlamGlow or the ever-raved about Watermelon Sleeping Mask! Those products are usually a safe bet for most skin types.
  • Brushes/Sponges: Having makeup is great and all, but having the right tools can make or break your collection and skills. Anyone can buy eyeshadow, but it’s how and what you apply it with that really creates the professional flawless makeup look. I highly recommend Sigma Brushes brushes, Morphe’s contour sponge, silicon applicators that don’t suck up your product, and essentially everything Real Techniques sells.
  • Spoon brush: I’m sure you’ve seen this weird spoon with dense bristles that YouTubers have been using all over their face. Spoon brushes, thanks to Artis, have become extremely popular! They’re a bit expensive, with Real Techniques pricing theirs at $19.99, but are fantastic for makeup application. If your beauty guru in mind doesn’t have one, I guarantee he/she will love to own it and try it out!

For The Techie

  • Amazon Echo Dot: The Echo Dot is very self explanatory. Who doesn’t love voice commands or yelling at something to do stuff for you? Or is that just me…
  • Mood lighting: I’ve been wanting these lights that you can change colors with using your smartphone app. Unfortunately, I no longer have a lamp in my room to use them with. However, they’re great for parties or just setting a mood. For example, you can change the color of the lights in a room from a soft yellow to a cool purple just by one tap!
  • Apple watch band: If your friend has an Apple watch, spice up their accessory game with a new watch band! There are so many types tailored to personality and style, you definitely will be able to find one to suit him/her.

 For The Reflective One

  • Tarot cards: For those of you who think that tarot cards are supposed to be ~psychic~ only, you’re totally wrong. Tarot cards are used to help you reflect and make sense of the story that is your life! If you have a reflective friend, gift them  The Rider Tarot Deck this Christmas. Personally, I think that tarot cards should be chosen by the person who would read them since the artwork should speak to the reader, but this is the most popular classic deck. You really can’t go wrong!
  • Leather bound journal: I love scribbling endless amounts of thoughts in my journal to help clear my mind before bed. It’s such a stress reliever, just to get some of my subconscious stressors out of my system without having to actually tell anyone!
  • The 52 Lists Journal: This journal prompts you to create a new list each week. Each prompt is thought-provoking and makes you really think about who you are and what you want. There are also incredibly fun topics!
  • A book of their choice: Surprise them with a book that they may be interested in!
  • Candles: I’ve found that candles are a great gift for a home. They help set the mood, clear out the smell of cooking, and create a warm ambiance! You can go as basic or as bougie with them too.

 For The Friend That Has Everything

Like I said in last year’s gift guide, on behalf of all of us, f*ck you.

I am totally kidding. If you have friends that has everything, the best thing you can do is to ask them if there is something they are running out of that you can help replace or something they are going to need in the future. It is better to get a good gift that can be used than one that collects dust in the corner.


I hope you enjoyed this year’s gift guide! Happy shopping, mes chéries!






*NOTE: Photos in collage are not my own. All credits reserved to their rightful owners.

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