BLOGMAS DAY THREE: My Christmas Wishlist

BLOGMAS DAY THREE: My Christmas Wishlist

To all in the North Pole, Erica’s Christmas Wishlist is about to be revealed, and she’s going to need more than the bank accounts of Santa Claus and his elves to fulfill her requests. Her hands are cramping as she scribbles a letter to ol’ Saint Nick hoping she’s made her way onto the nice list this Christmas. (Comment below if you can read my letter to Santa)

All jokes aside, I’m terrible to shop for because I have a nasty habit of buying everything I want when I want it… as in I already bought the first three things that were originally on this list. Whoops. But regardless, here are the things left on my Christmas wishlist this year! Take notes, elves and friends 😘 (totally just kidding, but not opposed to generosity).

  • Fine jewelry: It’s been way too long since I updated my jewelry collection. I’m in dire need of “adult” jewelry like small layered necklaces, rings, and bracelets. I’ve been browsing online, especially, for a few pieces. Leave a comment below if you know of any sites or brands I should check out!
  • Glitzy fashionable watch: I have a few watches, so this is not necessary, but I do want one that is decked out iwith beautiful detailing. I’ve been looking at some Michael Kors watches, but haven’t quite settled on color or style yet. While I have a few watches I swap between for work, it’s always nice to have a fully glamorous watch for special events!
  • Louis Vuitton Star Trail Boots: I’m not saying I think anyone should spend upwards of $1400-$1700 on a pair of shoes, but I think we all know that I would… 😅 I’ve been obsessed with it in both traditional print and black with fur. Do I need it? Probably not. Will I wear it daily if I get it? 100% yes. If anyone wants to donate to Help Bouge & Rouge Be Bougie fund, my donation box is wide open. 🤣
  • All Saints black leather jacket: There’s nothing I need more than a good classic leather jacket. I’ve been sporting my peplum faux leather one from Zara for a few years now, but I need a more constructed one without the little peplum flare for the long haul. What I love about All Saints is the quality of their jackets and how classic yet modern their cuts and styles are. I will probably purchase more than one or two jackets in different colors and cuts throughout my twenties. I’ve been on the lookout and (attempting) to save up, so this fund is also open as well hahah!
  • Stuart Weitzman boots: I tell myself I need tall boots in every color, but I honestly just need them in black with a slight 2″ heel to them. I can’t really decide which model without trying them on, but I’m leaning towards the  5050Block Boot or the AllJack Boot. Considering the pair of black boots I own is over 3 years old and slowly deteriorating, this is probably something I should get sooner rather than later. 🎶@Santa can you hear me?🎶
  • French press coffee maker: As I always say, on ne peut pas vivre sans café (except maybe I say it in English more often). Whether or not it applies to you, I sure can tell you that this girl definitely cannot live without her coffee! I’m so sick and tired of my Keurig coffee after four years of it in college. It’s time that I upgrade to a French press and real coffee beans! Do any of you shop at Fairway Market? If you do, you’ll have an idea of how excited I would be to pick out a fresh bag of coffee from their massive selection!
  • Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop: Let’s stop for a moment and soak in the fact that your girl over here still HAS YET TO OWN THIS PRODUCT. I’m utterly shocked, as the highlighter speaks for itself and is an essential to all girls who appreciate a blinding glow. The dramatic beauty guru in me is having a meltdown, please hold.


That’s really all I can think of this year, mes chéries. I’ve been more than lucky to have everything I want or need this year and don’t have anything in particular that I’m itching to receive as a gift. Regardless, it’s always fun to make a list of a few things you’d love to receive just in case Santa does swoop down your chimney (or in my case, through my fire escape or the fake decorative chimney in my roommate’s room). What are on your holiday wishlists? Let me know in the comments below!

Until tomorrow’s blogmas post, bisou bisou…







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Erica Huang

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