BLOGMAS DAY 11: Top Makeup Palettes of 2017

BLOGMAS DAY 11: Top Makeup Palettes of 2017

Can you believe we’re on the second to last day of #12DaysOfBlogmas??? I’m surprised I was able to stick to it, if we’re being honest 😂. For day 11, I had a whole makeup tutorial planned for you. Even though the footage wasn’t actually bad, the lighting was so not up to my standards that I couldn’t bear to burden you with the memory of that being my first makeup tutorial video blog post. I think I’m going to eventually refilm and post it on the blog and YouTube channel, but until then, we’re going to curse this apartment for having 0 natural lighting suitable for filming.


Today’s post is dedicated to the makeup palettes of 2017. I don’t know about you, but this was the year of the eyeshadows and holographic highlighter palettes. I don’t think I have ever wanted so many palettes/lusted for so many palettes/purchased so many palettes/disliked so many palettes in my life. It’s a bit unclear as to why this year was the year of the palettes, but I’m only mildly complaining. Mildly. 🌝

I’m not going to talk about my unfavorites, not because I don’t believe in negative reviews but because what I dislike and what doesn’t works for me might actually work for others. I watch YouTube beauty gurus religiously, but I have learned that you need to experience things for yourself before you blindly believe what your favorite YouTuber says or let bad reviews deter you from trying a product. Example: Subculture-gate.

I’ve curated a list and photos of my top favorite makeup palettes of the year. Since I only own some of them, I chose photos from their online retailers for swatches. All photos belong to their rightful owner. From bottom to top, here are my favorite makeup palettes released on 2017 (that I own or that I have played with in stores probably more times than I want to admit but did not buy because who needs that much product for one face?):

*Note: There are no affiliate links in this post!


Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette, $32

ICYMI, holographic makeup was all the rage this year. From unicorns to mermaids to teenage girls to grown ass women, we were all eating it up. If you’re not part of the magical creatures squad and have no idea what I’m talking about, holographic makeup is iridescent and out-of-this-worldly that can create prismatic rainbow hues and transform colors when layered on top of them.

Kat Von D’s palette definitely took the win for one of the best ones on the market. Not only is the formula very well refined, they transformed shadows better than Urban Decay’s Distortion Palette did and a bit better than Smashbox Create & Transform Master Class Palette did as well.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit, $40

While I don’t own the previous palette, I did recently purchase the Aurora Glow Kit after not understanding the hype for all this time. Now, I get it. While these aren’t exactly holographic the same way Kat Von D’s were, they do produce an otherwordly sheen. What I love about this palette is how it really can be worn on an everyday basis for those with fair to medium fair skin. Since the product is very buildable, it’s hard to notice the color of the sheen unless you really layer it on. Last I checked, my team hasn’t noticed a light blue highlight on my cheek yet. Either no one is paying attention to me or it really is as natural as I think it is!

(Most likely that no one is paying that close of attention to me 😂)


BECCA Après Ski Glow Face Palette, $54

I do not own this palette because 1) I don’t need it 2) I am certainly not paying $54 when I don’t need it. However, it’s beautiful. BECCA is known for it’s incredibly natural iridescent highlight formula and this palette definitely is no exception. You receive the classic favorite Opal and Rose Quartz along with a new limited edition shade, Icicle. For blushes, you have the two most iconic and best selling hues along with the new limited edition shade of Winter Berry.

This palette gives you the best of BECCA plus two limited edition shades that help bring warmth into your cheeks even when you’re on the slopes and tops it with a little icy shine for the seaon.


Colourpop Yes Please, $16

If you’re familiar with the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette, you’ll know the hype around this Coloupop Yes, Please! palette because it is quite the dupe for it. I don’t own either because I find these to be similar enough to my Smashbox Cover Shot Ablaze palette. However, the reviews for this palette are all quite positive. I have a friend who owns it and is utterly obsessed with it. Considering she and I usually like the same things, I am taking the risk of putting something I haven’t actually physically used on this list (good thing it’s at the bottom of it!).

Overall from what I hear, it seems like this palette’s formula is outstanding for the price point and very easy to use for all occasions. I would definitely say it should make a warm-toned lover’s list this year.


Colourpop Semi Precious Palette, $26

While I didn’t end up purchasing this palette, it was quite stunning when I played with it in stores. The pigmentation in this one is better than their Golden State of Mind palette by far. I loved how wet and metallic the metal shades are in this palette. They are well pressed and pack a punch of color with just one swipe on your lid. Despite the color range, they’re still somewhat neutral and can be used as a slight sheen or builded up for a dramatic flare.


NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette, $18

Oh Mr. ROY G BIV! He always knows how to please me 😉.

I came across this palette way too late, because I had already purchased the Karity 21 Mattes eyeshadow palette. However, had I not done that I would have definitely picked up this palette since it’s a lower price point and easier to access and purchase in stores.

This palette’s formula is not the best but definitely solid. You’re also getting 16 shadows for a little over a dollar each. Now I noticed that NYX has increased their prices a lot over the years, but I guess it is fair since their popularity and sales volume has also increased tremendously. I still remember back in the days when NYX Cosmetics was sold in random stores and some drugstores.

his palette is not an essential, but I believe in having one fun palette to help push you out of your comfort zone. This one is definitely a good one to have in your collection for any fun looks or for when you want to experiment with color.


Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Mattes, $45

Back at it again with another neutral-but-slightly-warm-matte-everyday eyeshadow palette. This palette is a part of Too Faced’s Peaches & Cream collection. I personally didn’t buy it because I have these colors in other palettes, but this is definitely a palette for a beginner beauty guru or a girl who needs a solid everyday palette. The shades are versatile, buildable, and flatter most skin tones.

Basically, this is another one of those staples palettes. If you have plenty already, no worries. The main difference between this palette and the rest of your neutral palettes is it smells like peaches and cream.

*LIMITED EDITION* Kat Von D Saint & Sinner, $62

I want this limited edition holiday palette SO INCREDIBLY badly but I have zero justification for this purchase. Not only do I own most of these colors, I have no need for most of these colors. My favorite part about the palette is the name Saint & Sinner. I love all things duality, and my Sweet 16 theme was actually Saints & Sinners Masquerade Ball. But I knew I had to budget, so the name was not enough for me to drop $62 on a very large palette (it’s about the size of 2/3 of my torso).

As for the shadows, these are relatively well formulated and go on quite smoothly. They seem to blend well on my hands even! Kudos to the black being a rich and non-patchy black to swatch. My favorite color in here would definitely be Heaven and Cathedral.

I highly recommend Kat Von D lovers and the bold ones who aren’t afraid of color to grab this while you can! I think it’s a great addition to your collection if you appreciate a bold look. Kat Von D also rarely spits out a terrible product (RIP Pastel Goth palette) so if it’s your first KVD product, don’t be worried. It’s truly a high quality brand in my opinion.

It just went out of stock online on Sephora as I was typing this, so head out to your nearest store ASAP!


Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, $65

This palette. Where do I even begin. The only reason I ranked this above the previous palette was because of how much more use I get out of it on a daily basis, to be honest. I get away with wearing reds and pinks more than I do dark purples and electric chartreuse.

I think that this palette is slightly overpriced for the amount of product you get per pan. It took a week or two of pining and a fat drink one day for me to just bite the bullet on the price and purchase it. However, the shadows are just mesmerizing. The way they go onto your eyes and blend so smoothly makes me hate the price tag a little less.

I would recommend this palette for the lovers of pinks and purples. This palette creates a beautiful Arabian desert sky across your eyes that you simply cannot NOT fall in love with. The only warning I have is that there are not enough neutral base shades or dark brown transition/crease shades.


Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, $54

I was eyeing this palette the second it was released. At the time, I was on the hunt for a warm shadow palette for the fall. Urban Decay heard and answered my prayers. I think this is the best Naked palette that has been released because it’s the only Naked palette with the perfect amount of mattes. I used this frequently throughout the fall because of how easy it was for me to speedily blend the matte shadows together in the morning when I was in a rush to get to work.

I also like the Heat the most of all the Naked palettes because of how similar the colors are. While that sounds odd, it’s actually crucial when it comes to creating a look. Each color plays nicely with any other color in the palette, making any random look you create with the palette look effortlessly blended and planned.

Again, it’s another staple for the warm-toned neutral lovers.

Tarte Tartelette Toasted, $46

To answer your question, no. This and the Heat palette are not the same. I know at first glance they seem extremely similar, but they are at most fraternal twins. The Heat is a much warmer and redder palette while Toasted is a more neutral brown palette. You notice it especially in person or when trying it on your eyes for a makeup look.

Personally, I like the Tarte eyeshadow formula better than Urban Decay. UD is a bit glorified for what it is, even though I still love it, while Tarte has softer eyeshadows. This palette is definitely only ranked above the Heat palette because of that buttery formula. However, I ended up purchasing the Heat palette over Toasted because I wanted redder shades.

Natasha Denona Lila Palette, $129

I used to make fun of people who purchased such expensive eyeshadows. I am now one of them. This palette is stunning. Not only is the pigmentation beautiful, it feels like pressed wet metallic pearls between your fingers. I simply couldn’t justify purchasing this especially after splurging on the Green-Brown palette. However, if money is not an issue and you love purple, this is a palette you will live happily ever after with.

Natasha Denona palettes are priced the way they are because she charges for each individual full size (and yes they’re massive compared to other brands’ pan sizes) shadow in the pan as if they were being sold as singles. For this palette, each shadow comes out to $8.06. You have to think of it as purchasing an entire Z palette of singles that you love all at once when you approach Natasha Denona. However, her color selection is so spot on that you truly do use every shadow, and it won’t be a waste.


Morphe The Jaclyn Hill Palette, $38

OH BIIIIIIIITTTTTCHHH!!! You already KNOW what is my #1 palette of all time this year: THE PALETTE THAT SHOOKETHED THE WORLD. I wanted so badly to not buy into the hype and say “No, I have similar shades, I don’t need that.” After battling for 6 months since its launch, I just did say “Fuck it all!” and purchased it.

This palette is absolutely everything it is hyped up to be. I can honestly say if I was not a makeup lover and didn’t collect palettes, this is the only one I would ever need. Every color is so well selected and versatile. You have all different finishes and hues that can help you create LITERALLY any eye look your heart desires. The mattes are almost as soft as Tarte’s mattes and the shimmers are like wet crushed jewels. I have not put this palette down since I used it.

The best thing about this palette is how Morphe packed and pressed it. Instead of giving you a LOAD of pigmentation, it’s pigmented enough but not too much that you can’t build gradually to the intensity you are looking for.

You can purchase it on or on Morphe’s website.


Those are my top makeup palettes from bottom to top! Do my favorites overlap with any of yours? Let me know if you want to see an individual review about any of these! If I own them, I’m more than happy to write up a Rouge Review. Otherwise, shop your hearts out with these in mind, put them on your holiday wishlist, and come back and tomorrow for the last day of #blogmas.

Bisou, bisou…





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