BLOGMAS DAY 10: Winter Trends 2017-2018

BLOGMAS DAY 10: Winter Trends 2017-2018

Bienvenue to day 10 of #12DaysOfBlogmas, mes chéries! We’re almost at the end of blogmas, can you believe it? I could have sworn I just started a few days ago. Today’s post is actually up at an earlier time (currently patting myself on the back)! Who knew I had it in me 🤣. All jokes aside, this week has been very jam-packed, and my weekend is looking even more hectic, so keep me in your thoughts 🙏.

I know that the past few topics have been a bit more serious so I figured we switch things up to a lighter topic: this winter season’s top trends! I’ve been flipping through photos of different designer’s winter shows and seeing which trend I want to jump on this season. So why not join me and get inspired?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at this winter’s top trends!



I’m doing something bold here by starting with the most controversial trend: fur. Personally, I do love the look of fur so I’m very excited to hop on the faux fur pieces I’m seeing in stores. But, I don’t want this to turn into a animal ethics discussion, so I’ll leave it at this: there’s fur and then there’s faux fur. To each their own. You will rarely, if ever, see me purchase real fur products. However, if gifted something made of real fur, like the beautiful rabbit fur scarf my grandmother gave me, I will wear the item because at that point it’s already been purchased; I might as well put it to good use or else the animal fur was obtained for nothing.

That being said, both vintage furs and colorfully dyed furs are so in style this winter. Aside from coats, I’ve even been seeing fur details on clothing items, like the sleeves of sweaters, and even purses and shoes. I’ve been eyeing the Louis Vuitton Star Trail boot in black with fur coming out of it (despite the fact it’ll be summer by the time I actually save up for it).

You can easily dress up any outfit with something fur/faux fur, whether it’s colorful or a neutral tone! It really amplifies a look with little to no effort. Fendi did a fantastic job incorporating this into their season’s collection.



Speaking of Fendi, you may have noticed that the sidebar “My Inspiration of the Moment” video is yet another Fendi show. I cannot tell you how happy I am that power red is in this season and how much I love Fendi’s red pieces. It’s my favorite color of all time (duh, Bouge & ROUGE) and makes a statement that no other color does. While I’m hoping that power red stays in for a while, I’m also a firm believer that red is always in.

Nevertheless, this is the season for all you red lovers like me to embrace the trend to the max. Whether that’s using a pop of red in your outfit or being donned head to toe in red patent boots, a red dress, a red coat, with a red hat, and red lipstick, live your rouge dreams.


I used to strongly dislike silver because of how cold it looks. Maybe I became a cold bitch or something, but now I love silver almost more than gold. Not quiet yet, but close. This year, you will find silver dresses, boots, and accessories in the form of chainmail material. Now this may scream so Paris Hilton in the 2000s to you, but fashion is a cycle after all. If you’re scared of diving in to something silver at the risk of looking like tinfoil, try adding little bits and pieces of it in the form of accessories, purses, or shoes.



I’m talking about two types of jackets here: fuzzy and furry teddy bear coats as well as short puffy down jackets. I’m so glad this is back in style because most of my coats have always been relatively short. Being short myself, I hated feeling like I was drowning in my down jackets and ended up wearing my ski jacket around all the time instead. Not the cutest look.

Teddy bear coats are self explanatory: they’re soft and comfortable, cute, and match almost everything. Whether it’s suede with fuzzy lining or all furry all the time, the teddy bear jacket makes you feel huggable and warm. The only caveat is it’s not the most windproof, snowproof, or sleetproof caot.

Short puffer jackets have been seen on the runway more than the stores. They give you the cute appearance of being a snow bunny in the winter time. Since they come in many colors, you can use it to jazz up your look when you leave your house. I know it’s so hard to show off your winter outfit when you’re covered head to toe, so why not let your jacket make the statement?



I’m sure you noticed in the Power Red section that there was some plaid workwear peeping through. To me, it’s funny that plaid is in this season since it the “mascot” of my Scottish-tradition university. But even though plaid is slightly stained to me, it’s still one of my favorite patterns. Plaid is timeless and versatile pattern. Regardless of color, it can be incorporated into any outfit to create a sophisticated, preppy, and classic look.

My favorite plaid trend is the gray plaid workwear trend. Lately, I’ve been seeing business casual style clothes or pants make their way into day-to-day fashion. My favorite has been a few plaid pants I’ve seen in Zara. While workwear is not always the most casual, the cutting of the clothes certainly help you look more polished even if you’re not! So throw on a white long sleeve top with dark gray plaid workwear styled pants and booties and see just how simply put together the outfit looks!



I hate slouchy boots. I’m going to be honest. This is more of a personal problem: my calves are bowed out slightly and I hate drawing attention to the fact that they are not straight. So even though slouchy boots should hide the fact they’re bowed out slightly, they still draw attention to the least favorite part of my body.

But the fashion world doesn’t stop turning just because I dislike something! This year, the slouchy boot with a slight kitten heel is rocking the racks. They’re coming in all colors from black to glitzy shiny glittery silver making them suitable for any event. The best part about them? There’s room for your pants (if you have to roll up the bottom a bit like I do) and layers of socks along with a short heel to prevent your feet from getting too tired!



Last but not least, the wide-leg pant is back. This time, it’s in the fabric of corduroy. The wide-leg pant was bound to make an entrance again after flared pants were back in season for a hot second. To be fair, I feel like corduroy was more in-style this fall than it is in the wintertime, but if the corduroy is in a darker color, like burgundy or black, I can see how it’s suitable for the winter. I’m not a huge corduroy fan, but my best tip for anyone who wants to flaunt this trend this winter is: wear fleece tights under it so the air doesn’t creep up your pant leg!


Those are the top fashion trends of this winter season, mes chéries. I’ve talked about which ones I’ll be incorporating into my winter wardrobe. Which trends are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you so much for joining me for blogmas day 10. See you tomorrow!

Bisou, bisou…





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